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    Slig is a member of Darkseid's elite aquatic force, the Deep Six.

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    Slig was created by Jack Kirby in The New Gods #2 (April 1971).


    As a member of the Deep Six (Darkseid's elite aquatic attack force) Slig has fought against New Genesis forces multiple times, most notably Orion, which ultimately resulted in his defeat at the hands of the Dog of War, though after a good fight.

    He has also confronted Aquaman, in a scheme to create and control a new Fire Elemental for Earth, only to be thwarted by the Sea King.

    Other notable appearances include a Deep Six/Supermen of America confrontation, a second attack against Aquaman during Infinite Crisis as part of the Secret Society of Super Villains and his death at the hands of the mysterious God Killer during Countdown.

    Slig was the last Deep Six member to die and can be considered the leader and most powerful member of the group.

    New 52

    In Aquaman #17 the Atlantean warrior Murk mentions that he had previously saved the life of king Orm from the Deep Six.

    Powers and Abilities

    Like all New Gods, Slig is incredibly powerful and possesses various super human abilities

    New God Physiology

    Slig, like all the New Gods, possesses much greater physical attributes than most sentient species and an extended lifespan (Slig like most New Gods is likely thousands of years old and can be considered immortal).

    Superhuman Strength

    Slig possesses vast superhuman strength. He is considered "class 100" (as shown during his fight against the Supermen of America) and is strong enough to go toe to toe against the likes of Aquaman and Orion.

    Superhuman Durability

    Slig is extremely durable and can withstand (to a certain degree) physical punishment from characters like Orion and other New Gods.

    Amphibious Physiology

    In addition to his standard New God traits Slig is able to function and breathe equally comfortable in and out of water and is not bothered by the pressure of the ocean floor.

    Genetic Manipulation

    Slig can mutate other living beings or disintegrate them via his touch.


    In the event of serious injury Slig, like the rest of the Deep Six, can go through a process of "rebirth", where his consciousness is transferred to a new body. The Deep Six have died on some occasions, only to return in a new body.

    Combat Training

    Slig is a trained agent of Darkseid and leader of one his elite groups.


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