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    Slick was a student at the Xavier Institute.

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    Slick was once just a shy mutant boy. In his true form, he was pug nosed , pointy-eared , diminutive in size, and had webbed feet. Feeling like he could never overcome his shyness or his appearance, Slick developed an illusory self-image of himself: tall, strong, and handsome.

    In his new disguise, Slick became one of the Xavier Institute's most popular students. He led the student crowd into creating a tribute song to the slain mutant designer Jumbo Carnation and even managed to land a loyal girlfriend named Tattoo.

    Quentin Quire, a fellow student who was not as popular with the crowd and felt superior due to his telepathic abilities and advanced intellect, was often teased by Slick. When Quire found out he was adopted, he sought revenge on anyone he could and started with Slick. Using his telepathy, Quire unveiled Slick's true nature to the rest of the student body. Slick tried to convince everyone he was still the same guy, but everyone--including his girlfriend--were disgusted. Tattoo then became Quire's follower, eventually aiding him in a massive riot at the school that would leave Sophie Cuckoo dead.


    Slick has not been seen since Decimation, but was reported to have been rendered powerless on M-Day when the Scarlet Witch magically removed 90-98% of the mutant population's powers. He could have been on the bus with all the de-powered mutants that was attacked by the Purifiers. If so, he is likely to have died.

    Powers and abilities

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    Slick is a mutant with the ability to create illusions, including maintaining a permanent, false appearance without any particular concentrated effort.

    However, he no longer possesses any superhuman abilities after M-Day.


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