Character » Sl'gur't appears in 11 issues.

    "Infinite Names" is a skrull goddess and wife of Kly'bn.

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    First app;  Fantastic Four Annual#24 

    Sl'gur't's original form
    Sl'gur't's original form
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    Becoming the Skrull goddess

    When the Skrulls were evolved by the Celestials the Deviant Skrulls could not allow the immortal non-Deviants Skrulls to live on and they hunted them just as they hunted the Dire Wraiths and the original Skrulls. The one leading this hunts was who was unable to eliminate the Dire Wraiths. However her army was successful in killing all Eternal Skrulls and except one who they tracked down, Kly'bn. Before her army could kill him, he deliver a very patriotic speech in which he claimed many races could not shape-shift and he too could not and those represented every Skrull in their original form while Sl'gur't represented their ever-changing nature. As he took her as his bride they ascended to godhood.

    The Conquering Couple

    After the Skrulls conquered the empires of the gods,  the survivors became the servants of Kly'bn and Sl'gur't. With each conquest they both grew in power.

    Secret Invasion

    After the Skrull invasion became public, the Council of God-Heads called upon several gods to act as the resistance for them this team became the God Squad and those they hope to demoralized the Skrull army. When the God Squad arrived in their citadel the two of them were forced into an unwanted battle. Overconfident Demogorge devour Sl'gur't only to meet his end by exploding do to not being able to resist Sl'gur't energies as she represented each deity the Skrulls had conquered. Mikaboshi a shape-shifter himself quickly enter in battle with him and they started a battle of shapes, each other copying the last form the last one use until Sl'gur't got a lucky strike and she tear Mikaboshi in half.

    Combing their forces together the Hercules and Snowbird were finally able to bring about Kly'bn death causing the citadel to collapse. Well they fled it was revealed that in a twisted of fate Mikaboshi survive and Sl'gur't actually die, as she die while in Mikaboshi’s form and Mikaboshi survive in Sl'gur't form, those he took the place of the Skrull gods.


    Sl'gur't possesses the standard abilities of a god including some amount of super-human strength and immortality.  She did not age and was either immune to or capable of recovering from most forms of death.  It took such an injury as being ripped to pieces to kill her.

    She possessed the power of shape-shifting on a level higher than most other shapeshifters.  To balance Kly'bn unchanging nature and to represent the constant state of change she would constantly shape-shift and was only capable of holding a form for a short amount of time before having to revert to another shape.  She appear to have had a limited ability to produce items to hold in this shapes, but did not use any in battle.

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