Character » Sleez appears in 20 issues.

    A former servant, aide and counsel to Darkseid who has been banished to Earth.

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    Spewed forth from the sewers of Armagetto on distant Apokolips, the dwarfish Sleez was notorious for his vileness. Darkseid promoted him to the position of one of his aides, but even he tired of Sleez's depraved ways. He was transported to Earth, where he captured Superman and Big Barda and mentally manipulated them into making a pornographic film with each other for his own amusement.

    However, he didn't bank on the intervention of Mister Miracle. Later, Sleez mentally enslaved the directors of the Cadmus Project and forced them to create clones of themselves, thereby giving birth to a second Newsboy Legion. Following another clash with Superman, involving the Newsboys, Sleez was apparently killed when the torture device he used to ensnare the Cadmus creations backfired. Sleez perished a second time in the Death of New Gods event in Metropolis.

    Powers and abilities

    Psionic powers enabled Sleez to dominate others' minds and force them to surrender to their baser desires. He can also feed of the emotion of others

    Other Media

    In the six episode of Batman the Brave and the Bold called "Enter the Outsider" the villain Sleez appears but is called Slug instead. He run a Underground society in which he uses the Outsiders which is only Black Lightning, Katana, and Metamorpho to destroy malls and other popular outlets. He is stop when Batman and Wildcat convince the Outsiders to stop listening to Slug and that they do belong in society.


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