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A captured princess just wants a good night’s sleep! Shhh…

Kidnapped by the Demon King and imprisoned in his castle, Princess Syalis is…bored.

Princess Syalis’s luxurious lifestyle is wreaking havoc on the Demon Castle’s budget. When the Demon King cuts back on expenses so that she is no longer supported in the style to which she is accustomed, the princess must find other strategies to satisfy her extravagant tastes. Then, when the newly hired demon staff arrive for their orientation at the Demon Castle—complete with a hot springs retreat!—the current staff are loath to admit that they’ve lost control of their hostage. What will happen when the newbies discover that the “Scissors Demon” is actually a terrifying, bratty human girl?!

Chapter Titles

  • 92nd Night: A Truly Broke Princess
  • 93rd Night: The Satisfaction of Earning an Honest Living
  • 94th Night: How Could You Lie to Me?!
  • 95th Night: Spring Comforter Textile Expo
  • 96th Night: I Told You My Name, So You Have to Tell Me Yours!
  • 97th Night: Nice to Sleep and Play Catch With
  • 98th Night: A Journey to Acclimatize to the Princess
  • 99th Night: Drop By Scenic Hell Kusatsu Hot Springs Anytime
  • 100th Night: Come On, Show Us Some Skin
  • 101st Night: The Princess Is Always in Dreamland
  • 102nd Night: Fifth Period Math Is a Surefire Soporific
  • 103rd Night: The Borrower Syarietty
  • 104th Night: Finish the Photo Album Already!

Note: The digital edition (8/13/2019) for this volume was released before the print edition.



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Story Arcs

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