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Accompanied by an entourage of demon guards, Princess Syalis takes a field trip to the human world to acquire a special pillow. Then she receives several invitations from her demon captors: First, to replace the cooks who have succumbed to heat exhaustion in the Demon Castle kitchen (somebody needs to make Quilladillo’s Monster Bird Egg Custard). Second, to attend a pajama party (despite being woefully ignorant of the concept). And third, to design a new area for the hero to explore (which turns out to be the exact opposite of what the demons had in mind).

Chapter Titles

  • 66th Night: Demon Castle Prison Break
  • 67th Night: Demons Are Pale and Tired
  • 68th Night: Fireworks from Your Fingertips
  • 69th Night: Wobble Wobble, I Don't Taste Bad
  • 70th Night: Preparing for the Big Night (Proper Etiquette)
  • 71st Night: Party Night in Your Mind
  • 72nd Night: Teddy Grwrland, the Happiest Place in the Realm
  • 73rd Night: Switching Costumes Treat
  • 74th Night: Go ♥ Doppelganger Bussy
  • 75th Night: For That Worthless Victory
  • 76th Night: None Shall Sleep for a Few More Minutes
  • 77th Night: I See You in My Dreams ♡
  • 78th Night: Princess Runnings

Note: The digital edition (4/9/2019) for this volume was released before the print edition.



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Story Arcs

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