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The Demon Castle staff procure a flock of Monster Bird chicks to ensure a steady supply of eggs, but their problems only grow. The princess’s efforts to help the Demon Castle weather a financial crisis range from the criminal to the musical. Mechanical Zone boss M.O.T.H.E.R. creates a mechanical marvel modeled after the most fearsome resident of the castle. Now who would that be…? And then the princess must operate the mecha in battle against the hero Dawner, who is determined to "rescue" her from her beloved new home. Plus, the secret of the Demon King’s horns and an herbaceous invasion!

Chapter Titles

  • 144th Night: They Aren't All Female, You Know
  • 145th Night: House Hunting Is Fun ☆
  • 146th Night: Buying People Off with Gifts Is Wrong
  • 147th Night: Princess Sya Lis and the Chamber of Secrets
  • 148th Night: Two Percent Is One-Fiftieth, You Know
  • 149th Night: THE PRINCESSM@STER
  • 150th Night: Well. It Is Modeled After You-Know_Who
  • 151st Night: The Attack of Princessbot Mark III
  • 152nd Night: Little Demon King and His Horns
  • 153rd Night: Zero-Defense Princess vs. Full-Defense Man
  • 154th Night: It's Rude to Just Point
  • 155th Night: The Power of Faith Is Incredible!
  • 156th Night: Demon Castle Mint Farm

Note: The digital edition (6/9/2020) for this volume was released before the print edition.



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Story Arcs

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