Sleepwalker #9

    Sleepwalker » Sleepwalker #9 - Sing A Song Of Sin! released by Marvel on February 1992.

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     Introducing Lullabye, the lethally lovely villianess whose soothing songs don't put you to sleep --- they take over your mind!  Is Sleepwalker immune to her musical madness?  Check out the cover!                  

    Down in Varick Street Manhattan, Detec. Perez investigates an area where Sleepwalker was at a while back.  All of a sudden the investigation is interupted by O.I.E. Agents.  Perez does not want to deal with them but they give her a detector to find Sleepwalker anyway.

    Meanwhile Sleepwalker is uptown watching two people coming out of a car and surrounded by camera men.  It is women named Lullaby and she just married millionaire Harold Cross.  the two enter threw home.

    Later that night Sleepwalker shots Harold walking outside to his balcony.  HE jumps off but Sleepwalker catches him.  He brings him to the cops for aid only to be attacked by the crowd which torments him.  Meanwhile Harold's wife Lullaby thanks Sleepwalker and says that she can make people change there views about him.  Sleepwalker accepts and gives her his number.

    The next day, Rick Sharidan is having problems on the set of a student film.  As he arrives home he finds a message on his machine hoping it is Alyssia.  It is Lullaby who sings Rick into a trance to meet her.  Sleepwalker comes out of Ricks mind only to find that he is not sleeping.

    Meanwhile at the marina Lullaby is in her boat with two men tending to her needs.  Rick enters the boat but this surprises Lullaby.  Sleepwalker comes out demanding answers.  Turns out Lullaby was a teenage babysitter named Felicity Hopkins.  She had the power to sing people to sleep but then in there sleeping state make them do anything.  She got a job with Harold Cross and tranced him to divorce his wife and mary her.  BUt she got bored with Harold and tranced him to jump out of the building until sleepwalker saved him.  

    Sleepwalker tries to attack but Lullaby puts him to sleep.  The next day she puts a disguise on him and the two go on a shopping spree which soon turn into heists.  At one Heist she commands Sleepwalker to attack the guards who saw her steal a necklace.  The two then escape.

    Back at the downtown precinct, Perez gets evidence from the crime scene using the device linking it to Sleepwalker and Lullaby.  

    Menawhile. Lullaby makes Sleepwalker cause all types of chaos in the city.
    But moments later Lullaby's effects wear off for they only work for 24 hours.  Sleepwalker then attacks lullaby.

    Meanwhile Perez hands over the Sleepwalker case to the O.I.E. who want to destroy Sleepwalker.


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