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    Series of robots used by Red Skull.

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    The Sleeper is a series of robots created for the Red Skull by Nazi scientist. The Sleeper robots were used to fight for Nazism during World War II but all have been destroyed by Captain America . The most powerful Sleeper was the Fourth Sleeper because it had the ability to control its density and had the ability to become a living volcano. It was controlled by a sonic crystal key and the Sleeper would respond to the brainwaves of the individual holding it. The Sleeper was activated when the Red Skull was given the crystal key by a Nazi named Von Krimm. Captain America was being held captive at the time and saw the awakening of the Fourth Sleeper first hand. The Red Skull had a difficult time controlling the Sleeper and was attacked by Nazi soldiers. During the chaos, Captain America escaped and managed to take the crystal key away from the Red Skull. The Sleeper erupted again causing the Red Skull's secret shelter to collapse and seawater began to flood the base. The Red Skull had disappeared and Captain America resurfaced with the crystal key.

    Powers and Abilities

    The first, second, third and fifth Sleeper robots were gigantic juggernauts that had superhuman strength and durability. The first Sleeper could shoot lasers from his hands and the second Sleeper was exactly the same as the first but could fly. The third Sleeper was also a giant flying robot. The fifth Sleeper had super strength, a claw on his right hand and shot a deadly nerve gas from his left hand.

    The fourth Sleeper was more powerful than all previous Sleeper robots combined. The fourth Sleeper had the ability to alter its density allowing it to move through solid objects and become intangible. It also had superhuman strength and durability. It could withstand attacks from various firearms and blows from Captain America’s shield. It also had the ability to erupt like a volcano and destroy anything in its path.

    However the fourth Sleeper lost the ability to alter its density and volcanic powers after Machinesmith beamed his intelligence into the Sleeper’s body.


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