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    Heroic spawn of the Venom symbiote, who has never had a regular host

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    Sleeper's fake out
    Sleeper's fake out

    Unknown to Eddie Brock, the Venom symbiote was expecting to spawn a new symbiote. Venom had kept that secret from Eddie and was concerned that bonding it to a human too early would turn it into a monster like the rest of Venom’s spawns. They were being tracked by a symbiote task force that wants to take the spawn and bond it to Scorpion, so Venom heads to Alchemax to get Dr. Steven’s help delivering it. Conspiring together, they fake a stillbirth to get Scorpion and the task force off their scent. Instead, they trusted Steven to take care of it until it was older and capable of choosing its own host.


    Sleeper was born in Venom (2016) #164 by Mike Costa and Mark Bagley.

    Major Story Arcs

    First Host

    Sleeper bonded to Eddie
    Sleeper bonded to Eddie

    While safe at Alchemax, Sleeper would suddenly be taken hostage by Tel-Kar, a Kree soldier who was the first host of the Venom symbiote. He wanted to be reunited with Venom, but when Venom refused, Tel-Kar used Sleeper to force Venom into complying. In order to get Venom back, Sleeper volunteered to bond with Eddie so that Eddie could accompany a Skrull spy, M’Lanz, as she chased Tel-Kar, who was searching for a dangerous Skrull weapon to take vengeance on the Skrull empire for his imprisonment during the Kee-Skrull War.

    They caught up with Tel-Kar on a Skrull space station, but he had already released the Skrull bio-weapon, forcing Sleeper and Eddie to lock M’Lanz on their ship. Sleeper, though, was immune and capable of being used as a hazmat suit by Eddie. They were unfortunately no match for Tel-Kar while bonded to Venom. Sleeper tried to make a psychic link to Venom, hoping he would fight back against his bond with Tel-Kar. Before he could, Tel-Kar decided to immobilize Venom and give up on their bond.

    M’Lanz would catch up with them, but Tel-Kar would also pierce her hazmat suit. Committed to not letting anyone die, Sleeper bonded to M’Lanz and saved her, giving Eddie and Venom the chance to reconnect and take on Tel-Kar. Once M’Lanz was safe, Sleeper bonded to Tel-Kar and lobotomized him. Using his body as a mindless puppet, Sleeper would depart his parent to travel through space and find itself.

    Absolute Carnage

    Sleeper saves Dylan from Lasher
    Sleeper saves Dylan from Lasher

    While traveling the cosmos, Tel-Kar’s body was killed, but Sleeper continued using his corpse as its host like a backbone. It was drawn to Klyntar when Knull, the god of symbiotes, tried merging all the existing symbiotes into his hive-mind. Sleeper was able to fight off the influence but learned that Eddie and Venom were in trouble. So, it quickly made its way to Earth.

    Once there, it tracked down Dylan Brock and Normie Osborn. It protected them from its siblings, the Life Foundation symbiotes (minus Scream). They had all been corrupted by Knull and were working for Carnage, Knull’s best general. Unfortunately, all the symbiotes, including Sleeper, were collected by The Maker, who intended to exterminate all of them, despite Dylan’s protests that Sleeper was on their side. Dylan eventually freed Sleeper, but not before the Life Foundation four bonded to The Maker as a new Hybrid.

    Sleeper tried to bond to Dylan, but Dylan’s natural symbiote powers caused Sleeper to burn at his touch. Instead, Dylan mind controlled Sleeper into a wolf to help the Avengers take on the Hybrid-bonded Maker. Sleeper was unhappy that Dylan took over its mind but forgave him when it was called out on its hypocrisy regarding Tel-Kar.

    Venom Island

    Dylan experiments with powers
    Dylan experiments with powers

    After stopping Knull’s first wave of attacks, Eddie and Venom secluded themselves on an island to protect their family from Carnage’s influence over Eddie. They left Dylan with Normie’s mom, Liz Allen. Sleeper took the form of a housecat to look after them.

    Dylan had practiced using his symbiote mind-control powers on a thread of grendel dragon he had acquired during Knull’s first wave and was hiding it from Sleeper. The thread opened Dylan up to Knull and caused him to lash out at Normie. Sleeper had to stop his attack and then chastised him for keeping the symbiote piece. Dylan was able to convince Sleeper, though, to train him as long as he told Eddie the truth when he returned from the island.

    Unfortunately, Dylan pushed himself further than Sleeper was comfortable with and connected to the hive mind. There, Venom was able to get a distress call to Dylan because Eddie was being hunted by Carnage and minion symbiotes on the island. He reflexively opened a portal that allowed him to bond long-distance with the Venom symbiote and fight the Carnage symbiote, which had forcibly bonded with Eddie.

    In the fight, Dylan was forced back through the portal, where Sleeper caught him, despite the burning pain he would feel saving him.

    Extreme Carnage

    Sleeper takes out Riot
    Sleeper takes out Riot

    After Knull was defeated, Carnage was able to take control of the symbiote hive-mind. This allowed him to collect the Life Foundation symbiotes and use them to incite anti-alien hate through the Peter Krane congressional campaign. Newly resurrected Flash Thompson had recruited a few symbiotes, including Sleeper, to help him covertly take them down. Sleeper was assigned to secretly bond with Flash’s military friend, Hank, without Hank's knowledge. Hank would get a job on the campaign as a mole for Flash, while Sleeper physically protected him.

    Hank’s cover was eventually blown, and he was killed by Carnage, bonded to Sen. Crane’s son, Arthur. Sleeper took control of Hank’s unconscious body and kept him alive while he healed. He was also able to immobilize Riot.

    He also used Hank’s body to get to the campaign rally that Carnage intended to attack. Joining Flash’s team, they were able to take out most of the Life Foundation symbiotes, with only Carnage and Agony retreating. Hank eventually regained consciousness and never learned of Sleeper’s involvement, but Sleeper secretly stuck with him anyway until he was fully healed. After which, he left a little bit of him behind in case he ever needed to activate Hank as his "Sleeper Agent."

    Absent Throne

    Sleeper Agent
    Sleeper Agent

    Sleeper moved in with the Brocks, usually hiding in his house cat form. Eddie had become the new King in Black after defeating Knull. Unfortunately, Eddie’s body was destroyed in an attack, but his mind was able to enter the symbiote hivemind sending him across the universe. When this put Dylan in danger, Dylan had to run away from home with the Venom and Sleeper symbiotes by his side. A cryptic message from his dad led them to Archer Lyle, a journalist contact of Eddie’s who was investigating the “Absent Throne” conspiracy. She betrayed Dylan and Sleeper to Alchemax, but Sleeper was able to send a chemical distress scent back to Venom, who rescued them by bonding with Dylan.

    They lived off the grid for as long as they could, but they were eventually hunted down by the Life Foundation operative, Spearhead. Sleeper managed to escape, but Dylan and Venom weren't as lucky. Venom disappeared after being injured, and Dylan was kidnapped and rendered comatose. Sleeper sought out Archer to guilt trip but also activated his Sleeper Agent contingency in Hank Hensley. They managed to rescue Dylan and return him to the injured Venom, merging them into a new being, Codex, revealing Dylan to be half symbiote in nature. As such, he disconnects Sleeper from the hivemind, as he will need an army of symbiotes to save his father.

    Powers and Abilities

    Symbiotic Physiology: Sleeper can enhance the physical characteristics of its host, including: strength, speed, endurance, agility, immunity to poisons, toxins, and venoms, and rate of healing.

    • Spider-Hero: It also has a connection to the Klyntar hive-mind and can mimic Spider-Man abilities, including web-slinging its tendrils and wall-crawling.
    • Camoflage:,It is also capable of both shapeshifting into clothing and blending into its surroundings effectively becoming invisible.
    • Hostless Animation: Unlike other symbiotes, it is able to manifest a solid form without a host.

    Enhanced Vision: Sleeper is also able to perceive an array of visual spectrums.

    Biochemistry: He is capable of secreting a variety of chemicals and pheromones to induce euphoria, sleep, and other states of mind.


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