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    Slaymaster is one of the world's greatest assassins.

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     Little is known of Slaymaster's past or even his real name; what we do know is that Slaymaster gained quite the reputation as an assassin and was referred to as one of the best in the world.  He is also a practicing Muslim.

    Rise to Villainy

     Slaymaster returns deadlier than ever
     Slaymaster returns deadlier than ever
    Slaymaster's first appeared in London where he was killing collectors of valuable items which he would sell to the highest bidder. His plans were foiled by Captain Britain but not before he proved himself a master assassin and disguise artist. He both tricked and outfought Captain Britain numerous times before his final defeat where he fell from his boat and was attacked by sharks.    

    He was next seen when he was hired by a corrupt S.T.R.I.K.E. to kill its psi devision; a group of psychic individuals who had found out about the corruption at the center of the organisation. Betsy Braddock, Captain Britain's sister who would later be known as the mutant Psylocke, was one of these psychics and called Captain Britain in to protect them.  Captain Britain was able to intervene proving just how good a master of disguise and assassination he was by taking out targets who could psychically read his thoughts. He clashed with Captain Britain again and despite Captain Britain 's superior strength he managed to prove his skill by defeating him once again. Only the timely intervention of Captain Britain 's telepathic sister, Psylocke , caused him to lose the match and be knocked out. This time he was kitted out in a new Yellow costume and used "Jazzlers"; needle like devices which interrupt nerve impulses and cause paralysis, along with a number of other high tech weapons and a callused hand that he used to ninja-like effectiveness to defeat Cap again. 

    A Death for an Eye

    Slaymaster vs. Psylocke 
    Slaymaster vs. Psylocke 
    Slaymaster next appeared when Betsy had taken on the guise of Captain Britain and Brian (the original Captain Britain) had resigned. He easily and savagely beat Psylocke and ripped out her eyes but before he could finish her off Brian arived and viscously beat Slaymaster to death with a rock before he could harm his sister any more.

    Posthumous Appearances

    He has appeared many times since his death in situations revolving around the mutant x-man Psylocke as he made an indelible mark on her psyche through the removal of her eyes.

    The New Slaymaster

    Jasper Bateman: Slaymaster
    Jasper Bateman: Slaymaster
    Recently the mantle (not mental) of Slaymaster was taken up by Jasper Bateman, a mercenary who became obsessed with the exploits of the original Slaymaster. When the original Slaymaster's secret high tech armory was discovered in Greenwich Park Bateman was keen to get his hands on the high tech weaponry and the title of Slaymaster. He succeeded  in his goal by torturing the creator of the security system to obtain the entrance code before killing the British soldiers stationed outside before entering the base. His victory was short lived however as he was defeated by a bizarre team up between the newly re powered  Captain Britain and Deadpool. Whether he will return as Slaymaster is yet to be seen but he seems driven to take on the mantel and equal the achievements of the original. 

    Skills and abilities

    Slaymaster is a world class hand to hand combatant, skilled in various martial arts. He has a highly advanced armory of high tech weaponry suited for many tasks. He has also mastered nearly every weapon that can be used to kill, though he prefers a series of customized needles which have varying weight, thickness and  density.  He is a master of disguise and one of the world's greatest assassins.

    He also has an unspecified degree of superhuman reflexes, agility and balance, and coordination.

    Physical Characteristics

    Hair color: Brown
    Eye color: Brown
    Height: 6'4 inches
    Weight: 175 pounds (80kg)

    Alternate Realities (versions)


    In the first reality the Exiles visited since Psylocke joined, Slaymaster was
    Slaymaster of Earth-1702
    Slaymaster of Earth-1702

    one of the main villains they encountered.  After their first clash, he became obsessed with her and made it a hobby to hunt down her counterparts and kill them.  He is eventually found by 616 Psylocke and he is killed in battle after she is trained by Ogun.

    This slaymaster was far more skilled than his 616 counterpart.


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