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 Dave Cox is the Slayer.
 Dave Cox is the Slayer.
The Slayer's true identity is Dave Cox. He was a Vietnam vet who lost his right arm in the war but vowed not to use violence again after his experience in Nam. He was a personal friend of Captain America and was targeted by Mother Superior and Baron Zemo. They ended up capturing him and used him as an experiment. They corrupted his beliefs, his mind and twisted his ideals. He was set loose to attack Captain America and Nomad. He was able to knock out Captain America during their first encounter and began to engage Nomad. He also wore the costume belonging to Devil-Slayer and was able to pluck various weapons for his disposal.

Nomad and Captain America tried to reason with Dave Cox. They tried to remind him he was a good person and to fight for what's right and not let Zemo corrupt everything you believe in. The Slayer tried to resist his corrupted mind but Nomad landed a punch while he was distracted. The Slayer threw a bola at Nomad's legs and ensnared him. He pulled out a razor sharp scythe but suddenly stopped himself from landing the killing blow. He faced Mother Superior and told her he was still a man and would not kill. Mother Superior then unleashed a telepathic attack that left the Slayer near death. Dave Cox was in a coma and was hospitalized for a few days. He eventually recovered and has been with his family ever since.  


The Slayer was created by Steve Englehart and Sal Buscema in 1973 and first appeared in Captain America # 163.

Powers & Abilities

The Slayer possessed a degree of superhuman strength and was excellent in hand to hand combat. He also wore the original costume of the Devil-Slayer and possessed the trans-dimensional shadow-cloak which enabled him to pluck various weapons from other worlds.

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