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    One of Deadpool's villains, Slayback has returned from the dead to seek revenge on the Merc with a Mouth.

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    The man known as Gregory Terraerton was among the agents who had the potential for a bright future with Department H. Cybernetically enhanced, Slayback worked along with Garrison Kane, Sluggo and Deadpool (who in that time was know as Wade). Despite growing up in a loving home with money, Slayback still ended up not only needing the services of the Weapon X program but becoming a maniacal killer who truly enjoyed seeing people suffer. Wade quickly found out that Terraerton was completely psychotic. Having no other option, Wade blew him up.


    Slayback was created by Fabian Nicieza and Joe Madureira and first appeared in Deadpool: The Circel Chase issue 1(1993).

    Major Story Arcs

    Tolliver's Will

    Slayback’s body takes ten years to recorporate. Once his body is complete he begins to exact his revenge against Deadpool. His first order of business is breaking into Department K. He kills a guard in order to get to the records room. He removes files on both Deadpool and Kane.

    A visit to Kane gets Slayback close to his goal. Slayback ambushes Kane at his home and demands information about Deadpool’s recent activities. Kane must have either caved and told Slayback everything out of fear or simply because he despises Deadpool. Regardless, Slayback learns enough information to figure that a Nepalese temple is Deadpool’s eventual destination. He goes there to head him off and finds Copycat ahead of everyone in the mysterious hunt for Tolliver’s will. Slayback takes her captive and waits for his prey.

    The wait isn’t too long. Deadpool and Weasel show up and locate a room filled with weapons. Slayback decides to make his move but pauses when he sees Kane also make an entrance. Slayback sneaks in with Copycat while Kane and Deadpool fight. He makes himself known at a moment when Deadpool is down. The two then scuffle, though Slayback has the advantage of surprise and some intense cybernetic parts. Slayback gets Deadpool against the wall and moves in for the kill. Copycat can’t stand to see her old lover killed and jumps in front of the attack. Slayback is angered that his killing blow was thwarted and moves in for another shot. Just then, however, a mysterious instrument kicks to life. An A.D.A.M. Unit fires up and begins nullifying all dangerous weapons in the temple. (The unit is Stryfe’s old ally Zero.) Zero immediately sees Slayback as a threat and reduces him to a pile of dust.

    Back From The Dead...Again

    Slayback returns and is employed by a private research organization to kidnap Weapon X characters. The objective was to find a cure for the Legacy Virus. Slayback tries to capture Maverick, slashing him across the chest before Maverick can escape through a large door (in closing, the door amputates Slayback's arm). Deadpool is being held at the firm's base and we see Slayback playing tic-tac-toe with him by carving the markings on Wade's chest. Maverick goes to Wolverine for support, and the two go to the facility in an attempt to rescue Deadpool. Slayback slashes Deadpool on the chest yet again and has a brief fight with Wolverine before Maverick shoots him in the back. The trio escaped as the base self-destructed and Slayback's handbook entry states he allegedly escaped the blast.


    Strength: Slayback's handbook entry ranks him as a 4/7, implying he has enhanced level strength.

    Bionic Arms: His cyborg arms can extend and expand while his fingers can transform into razor-sharp talons. He can also reshape his entire hand into a single point, similar to a drill or large spear.

    Healing Factor: Slayback's healing factor is accelerated to the point where he can regrow body parts (regrew a severed arm) and even his entire body. He alleges it took nearly 10 years to come back from being destroyed by explosives.

    Fighting Skills: His handbook entry ranks him as a 5/7. He's had extensive training with the Weapon X program but his combat prowess hasn't provided many practical showings as of yet.


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