Slave I

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    The Slave-I, a Kuat Firespray-31-class patrol and attack craft which was originally used as a galactic police vehicle from the asteroid prison Oovo IV, which was stolen and modified with advanced weapon systems by Jango Fett. It was used by both Jango and later his son Boba.

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    Acquisition of the Slave-I

    Jango Fett arrived on Oovo IV to capture Bendix Fust for the crime lord Sebolto. However, Fett was beaten to finding Fust by another bounty hunter by the name of Zam Wesell. Eventually, a prison riot uproared, and after fighting his way through armed guards and prisoners, Jango made it back to his original ship, Jaster's Legacy. After helping Zam Wesell defeat a horde of guards, a Firespray-class starship fired upon the Jaster's Legacy and ended up destroying it.

    Jango then made his way into the asteroid prison's hangar bays and stole a Firespray-class vessel along with Wesell. During their escape, Jango launched several missiles into the hangar bay housing the other Firespray vessels, to avoid any chance of being pursued. His ship then became the only one of its kind left in existence. Jango also then re-named the ship Slave I.

    Features of the Slave-I

    Like all Firesprays, the Slave I sits flat on its bottom surface when idle, however during flight the ship rotates itself 90 degrees to maneuver vertically. Boba later added a unique stabilization system which always kept the cockpit oriented up.

    Under the ownership of Jango Fett

    Weaponry included:

    • Two heavy twin blaster cannons
    • Two rapid firing laser cannons
    • Two projectile launchers, rounding out the ship's armament each holding a magazine of three homing missiles or various other payloads
    • Naval minelayer equipped with seismic charges
    • Dummy proton torpedoes mounted with homing beacons and S-thread trackers. (By tagging a ship with one of these beacons, Fett could then utilize his contraband HoloNet transceiver to track ships through hyperspace. Most of these weapons were hidden beneath the hull; the armor plating would slide away during the ship's attacks.)
    • The ship was also outfitted with a sensor array that could detect minute changes in the ship's mass, which could be used to find homing beacons.

    Jango also added spartan crew quarters since the original Firespray was suited for short-term patrols. As well as this, Jango devoted two-thirds of the entire ship's interior to the powerful upgraded Kuat drive engines and power generators, giving Slave I the sublight speed of an Alliance BTL Y-wing starfighter — a remarkable feat for a ship of the Slave I's size. There was a combination airlock and docking ring behind the cockpit, although this was covered by a sensor dish at various points in the vessel's history.

    Under the ownership of Boba Fett

    Added weaponary:

    • A cloaking device, which was used for rendering a starship or object which is invisible to both sensors and the naked eye
    • A Minelayer
    • The two rapid fire laser cannons were replaced with an ion cannon and a concussion missile launcher.
    • A miniature tractor beam projector was added to assist in capturing bounties.
    • A stolen sensor masking and jamming array made the ship invisible to sensors, allowing Fett to enter any planet without hassle.
    • He topped the armament off by changing the main ordinance of the projectile launchers to proton torpedoes.
    • A swoop bike was also stored aboard to make himself more mobile once on-world, and devoted a piece of the living area to holding cells.
    Diagram of the Slave I
    Diagram of the Slave I

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