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Malu is found by a soldier, who claims that she is the lost princess of Ormuz. The two journey together to Ormuz and face many challenges.


1. Malu, The Slave Girl

At a party, host Sandra Worth is introduced to archeologist Geoffry Garth. The two hit it off and she asks about his latest quest. He reveals that he was looking for a ring, which happens to look like the ring Sandra is wearing. The two meet the next day to do a test on the ring to see if it has similar magical powers as the ring he was looking for: the mystic ring of Zubran, the signet of the house of Ormuz. As Geoffry performs the incantation, Sandra begins seeing images.

A lone man approaches the ancient city of Tarko. He has a mission and all goes smoothly until a beggar man bumps into him. A ring falls from the man's belongings and guards recognize the seal of Ormuz, a rival province. They immediately seize the man and take him before the king. The man refuses to speak and so the king begins whipping him. Malu, a slave girl, is frightened and spills water on the king's robe. The king orders the man away and turns his ire onto Malu. The man tries to plead mercy for the woman, but he is dragged away.

Later, Malu visits the man in prison after bribing the guard. The man is Garth and he has been looking for Malu, as she is the lost princess of Ormuz (as evidenced by her possession of a ring). The two plan to escape together but are found by palace guards. They are sentenced to death in the lion's pit. As the lions are released, Malu acts on information about a secret door to the arena. She finds it and the lions run out and cause mayhem in the city. The king is eaten. The two follow the lions out and make their escape to Ormuz.

2. The Banquet of Thuz

Soldiers from the city pursue Malu and Garth to the top of a mountain. Garth starts an avalanche that destroys the army of Tarconians. It seems to also have trapped them in a pen of rocks, but Malu finds a cave. That cave turns out to be man-made. They follow it through the mountain and come upon a city. Needing refuge for the night, they enter the city and meet with the king, a man who has taken the rule from a boy king. He promises the two sanctuary but quietly schemes to take Malu for his own.

In their chambers, Malu and Garth are warned about the king's plans to kill Garth and take Malu. They try to escape but are recaptured by guards. The king spares Garth's life only because Malu is willing to marry the king. The king then proposes a party. Wine is brought, but Garth is warned that his goblet has been poisoned. The king grows weary of subterfuge and orders Garth's death. Garth fights back and Malu raises the slaves into insurrection. The king is killed after laying hands on Malu and the rightful boy king begins to reign again. He promises clothes and passage on a caravan to Ormuz.

3. The Curse of Ahmen Ra

This story is text-only and unrelated to the tale of Malu the slave girl. It relates the fate of four men who shirk the threat of a curse as they obtain the jewels of Ahmen Ra. The leader slowly goes mad after the men are shipwrecked and left in a lifeboat. He kills the others and is later killed by a boat that he hoped would save him.

4. Malu the Slave Girl and the Bandits of Tal Azmut

As part of the caravan, Malu tries to get Garth to admit that he loves her. He can't bring himself to say it, only stating that it has been his duty to care for her. She storms off. She gets kidnapped at the edge of camp by bandits of Tal Azmut who seem to know that she has the signet of Ormuz. She is taken to their temple.

Garth discovers that Malu is missing and tries to rally the caravan to pursue the bandits. They refuse because they fear that splitting up will open either party up for attack by any straggler thieves. Garth goes on alone and follows the footprints of Malu's abductors. He ends up at the temple but can't find where the party may have escaped to. He slams a statue in anger and a door opens up. He rushes in and cuts down Malu's guardian; he then cuts her from her bonds. The ruler of Tal Azmut approaches with a company and Garth begins cutting his way through the throng. Things look hopeless but Garth has one last idea. He pushes one statue over the door of the secret door. It works and Malu and Garth ride away on a horse. Garth admits that he will fully perform his duty of holding Malu tight as they ride home.

5. The Slave Market of Manoch

As Garth and Malu approach Ormuz they express how they look forward to taking their relationship to the next level. Inside Ormuz, however, Malu's uncle Phao receives word from Tal Azmut himself (the lone survivor of Garth's assault) that Malu is coming back to take her crown. Phao, it appears, is the reason that Malu was sent away in the first place so that he could take the crown instead. He orders his men to recapture Malu and place her back in the slave market. They do so.

Garth awakens and immediately recognizes Phao's prison. He realizes that Phao must be behind the ills that have fallen Malu in her lifetime. He fakes sick so as to overpower his guard. He then meets with some allies and devises a plan to get Malu back. He dresses up and goes to the slave market and buys her with a kingly sum. She is thrilled to be back in Garth's arms and relishes the thought of literally being his slave girl forever.

Malu is presented to the king and he accepts her as his daughter. Phao enters and demands proof. They have none since she has lost her signet. Things start heating up.

Before anything can be resolved, the ring in the present loses steam and Sandra and Geoffry are left puzzled as to the conclusion. Sandra is adamant that they try again and Geoffry agrees that they can the next day.

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