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Major Story Arcs

The Omen

During the events of The Omen Slaughterhouse is working for The Savior, before he became The Faithless One, and helps him in his quest to bring Vex to him.

He and Serendipity are a fighting partnership, she the brains and he the brawn. They are often sent on missions together and during The Omen Serendipity arrives at Morgan Gallows' home and tricks Rip into letting her in, pretending to be lost and afraid of the rioting. He walks in on Gallows and attacks him with a knife but ends up taking the blade in his own gut. Slaughterhouse bursts in and tackles Gallows and Daniel transforms into Rip but under Serendipity's influence but they struggle and Rip attacks both friend and foe. Carcass bursts in and is set upon by the possessed Rip.

Serendipity finds Slaughterhouse unconscious and injured and enters his body to save him. While Carcass enters a burning building to save the occupants.

Evil Ernie Monthly

Slaughterhouse is still working for The Savior and along with Serendipity he helps bring Evil Ernie and Chastity to Purgatori for her to defeat him and humiliate Lady Death in her quest to return to the Earth.

Lady Death: Dark Alliance

After the Armageddon, Slaughterhouse took part in the resurrection of Lucifer.


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