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Bobby Blackthorne was born into the Blackthorne crime family and has never really fit the Blackthorne mold.  Whenever something called for extreme measure Bobby always managed to get the job done, just not the way it was originally planned.  Bobby moved out of his family's home and into an apartment.  He was a neighbor of Gretchen Lewis, the girl murdered while dressed as Zephyr Noble.  No one knew Gretchen well as she had just moved into the area so Detective Omega arranged for Zephyr to take over her life when she wanted to escape from the pressures of being a Noble, something Bobby himself was doing.
Bobby's life was changed forever by two events.  The first occurred when he knocked on Gretchen's door and found Zephyr out cold on the floor.  He opted to take Zephyr home to her family she that they could take care of her.  Zephyr thought Bobby was a normal boy until he revealed himself to Zephyr seeking her help in curing his dying mother, Kitty Blackthorne.  The serum that Kitty acquired her powers from was causing her to lose her humanity and she requested Celeste Noble kill her to end her suffering as her family would not.  Celeste reluctantly carried out the request much to the grief of Bobby's sister Dawn who witnessed the event.
During a fight between the Nobles and the Blackthornes at the funeral for Kitty Blackthorne Zephyr and Slate did their best to break up the fight and keep everyone from getting hurt.  It was only the timely arrival of Race Noble that ended the fight with the news that there might be a way to save Kitty & Pierce Blackthorne (Pierce is Bobby's older brother who died accidentally during a fight between the two familys many years ago).  

5 Years Later

5 years after the death of Kitty Blackthorne finds Slate Blackthorne fighting alongside the Nobles as a member of their family.  Slate is married to Zephyr and the two are a part of their family's premiere superhero team.

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