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    Skywise is one of the original elves created by Wendy and Richard Pini. He is Cutter's "Brother in All But Blood", only a few years older, who pairs with the wolfchief on the original quest. He is Cutter's most trusted advisor, becoming an oppressive advisor to his daughter Ember when she becomes chief in Volume 2.


    Orphaned at birth by the killing of his parents Shale and Eyes High, Skywise got his name from his passion for the stars. Also known as the Stargazer, he became the astronomer of the Wolfriders. He wears a magnetized piece of stone as a necklace which he calls the lodestone for its capability to guide people directionally. Skywise is also Cutter's best friend and "brother in all but blood". They have shared a special bond almost since birth, and Skywise is the only one who knows Cutter's soul name besides Leetah. He has been Cutter's closest confidante, and even an adviser to Cutter's successor as Chief of the Wolfriders, his daughter Ember.

    Skywise is a bachelor and has had many lovemates (at different times) of Foxfur and Aroree. He has also fathered at least one child, Yun, although there may be others. Afterall, he is known for his way with the ladies...

    Palace of High Ones

    Since the return of Timmain (one of the High Ones) to the Wolfriders, many Elves have come to believe that she and Skywise are destined to be Recognized. Recognition is a spiritual and biological imperative among Elves to join that is impossible for them to ignore. Also, since becoming immortal (through Leetah's healing touch) Skywise has come to feel like an outsider to his own people. When the Palace Shards were reunited and the Palace of the High Ones left the World of Two Moons, Skywise left with it; realizing he was finally where he truly belonged.


    Skywise has many lovers throughout the many tribes, notably Newstar, Timmain, and Aroree, but he is also unquestionably the father of Yun of the Go-Backs.


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