Character » Skywarp appears in 293 issues.

    One of the Seekers, Skywarp has the unique ability to teleport himself.

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    Transformers: Infiltration

    Skywarp is one of the Decepticons operating under the orders of Starscream. He is chasing down a handheld computer that has information on the Decepticons. He is to terminate the man who had got the information and the devices he stored it on. Skywarp and the others attack many of the places that the evidence was connected to. He also is seen throughout this series attacking Ratchet and some humans, one of which stole the mans device.

    In the end Skywarp and Blitzwing attack an abanded Decpticon base where all the information was found. Unknown to him Megatron is in the base. When he and Blitzwing successfully destroy the base Megatron rises from the rubble and shoots Skwarp down, appearing to kill him, for having attacked him and the base. This eventually leads to Starscream fighting Megatron for control over the Decepticons


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