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Skrull who wishes to live a peaceful life in the universe and avoid the hostility other beings have towards Skrulls. Skyppi decided to disguise himself as a beautiful model which drew the attention of Hercules. In an effort to court this woman, the result turned into Hercules uncovering Skyppi's disguise.


Skyppi was created by Bob Layton in Hercules #1 (3/1984). 

Character Evolution

Skyppi became a friend to Hercules after he saved his life from an unruly mob. Hercules continued to protect his friend from the Red Wolf who sought to kill all Skrulls. After convincing the Red Wolf not to kill Skyppi, Hercules, Recorder #417 and Skyppi continued on their journey.

They stopped at Titan, Saturn's moon, in response to an urgent message. Skyppi became part of a battle involving a worshipper of Thanos named Shreck who sought the destruction of Titan. After Hercules defeated Shreck, Skyppi and the Recorder accompany Hercules into Olympus to confront his father, Zeus.

After a deadly battle between Hercules and Zeus, Hercules discovered that Zeus and the other Olympian gods have left this plane of existence. Hercules chose to stay in the mortal world and propagate the next generation of gods. Hercules, Skyppi and the Recorder left Olympus together on their next adventure.

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