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    When he was 12 years old Allen Turner’s parents died in a terrible plane crash (there are plane crashes that aren’t terrible? Hush, this is how they told it) in response the brilliant young prodigy turned his mind to training his mind and body to perfection so he could devote his life to making people take the bus.

    Don’t be silly, not in comic book land, by the time he was 24 he was not only an acrobat and master of fisticuffs, but was so well versed in science that he was independently wealthy from a number of inventions he had sold to the aviation industry (and money inherited from the uncle who raised him.)

    No longer having the need to work, and already a master pilot and veteran world traveler where he had greatly advanced his education in more esoteric areas he set about creating his masterwork, a plane he called “Wings” that could travel 800 miles an hour using the magnetism between the Earth's poles, hover, fly unaided in a holding pattern and respond to a remote signal sent out by Skyman to come to him.

    With this, his training & knowledge, and a ray gun of his invention that could either fire force blasts or heat (or perhaps even forceful heat blasts, I don’t know I wasn’t there.) he became Skyman, so noted because of his signature move, dropping on villains swinging on a rope that seemed to just be coming out the sky with nothing for it to be attached too. (Oh yeah, Wing could lower and raise the rope as well.)

    Smarter and a better fighter than almost anyone (think Mister Terrific combined with Osymandias, but without the suicidal tendencies, or plot to save the world with a giant fake alien squid thing and lots of dead people Skyman would have totally tried to stop something like that.) Skyman traveled the world righting wrongs and punishing evil doers.

    But then that is the job description of your basic 40’s mystery man isn’t it?

    He had no side-kicks, girlfriends or regular arch villains.


    Created by Gardner Fox (Hawkman, Justice Society, Adam Strange and many, many others) & Ogden Whitney (the Fighting Yank, Herbie) Skyman is little known today, but he lasted longer than many better known today characters of the Golden-Age, being featured in 101 of the 104 issues of Big Shot Comics, his own 4 issue comic, and numerous guest appearances in other Columbia Comics from 1940 to 1949 when he disappeared until a failed one shot attempt by Ace Comics to revive him took place in 1987.

    Skyman was then used by AC and later Dynamite, two companies noted for their use of Golden-Age characters.


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