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    Skyhawk was a member of Earth Force who recieved his powers from the Egyptian god Seth. Skyhawk is now a recruit of The Initiative serving in the state of Washington.

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    Skyhawk was created by Tom DeFalco and Ron Frenz in 1988 and first appeared in Thor # 395.



    Businessman Manchester collapsed in his office and was taken to the same hospital where Hogun of the Warriors Three was staying. When Manchester awoke he found he was with two other patients. They atracted the God of Death: Seth. Seth told them how Hogun was a threat to Earth,Seth then branded their left hands with the sign of Aton,The glowing disc of the sun and gave them superpowers. Manchester and his teammates discovered that Seth was the real foe and they helped Thor defeat him.

    Powers & Abilities

    Skyhawk possesses superhuman strength which enables him to lift up to 10 tons, and he also has the ability of flight which is made possible by using his under arm-to-rib cage wings.

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