Skye Mathers

    Character » Skye Mathers appears in 163 issues.

    Skye is the daughter of Sela Mathers and Prince Erik.

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    Skye is the daughter of Sela Mathers and Prince Erik. Shortly after birth, Skye was kidnapped and raised by Venus. She named her Ilys and manipulated her into hating her mother Sela. When Sela discovered that Ilys was her daughter, she told Skye the truth. Skye turned against Venus and made peace with her mother.

    Skye went with Sela to study at Arcane Acre, an academy for young Highborns training to become Realm Knights. While there, she learned how to hone her powers and, along the way, made some true friends, from across all the Realms. During this time, a romance blossomed between her and Lance Du Lac, a highborn from Wonderland.

    When Arcane Acre was threatened by an entity known as Bloody Bones, who wanted to put the world into an eternal sleep, Skye, Lance, and their friends fought against him. Although they were victorious, the cost was great and many were lost, including Sela.

    Now, with the help of Sela's long-time mentor Shang, Skye is ready to take her mother's place.

    The extent of her powers are uncertain, but she will learn as she goes and is finally ready to step into hero role as Guardian of the Nexus.


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