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    Originally nothing but a hired thug and low-life arms smuggler before the White Event, James acquired the ability to fly shortly thereafter, and that - combined with his underworld skills - made him an excellent choice to be recruited into the Medusa Web for its clandestine operations.

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    Skybreaker is a paranormal, a sort of altered human who gained his powers during the White Event, an astronomical incident that forever set the New Universe apart from our more standard reality. His powers are psionic in nature, and allow him to defy gravity at his leisure.  
    James Colin Anderson was a petty, dark-minded jerk that was a known criminal in England, where he was your bargain basement gun runner, drug dealer, and all around piece of garbage. Of course, this all changed after the White Event.

    Well, not really. He was still an obnoxious and petty jerk, but an obnoxious and petty jerk with powers. The power of flight, to be exact. James was about to start a new level of smuggling when he was approached by Babel, of the Medusa Web.

    Liking their offer (essentially lots and lots of cash), James joined the Medusa Web as their airborne scout, by the name of Skybreaker. And that's just what he did: he scouted for trouble, and if possible, he definitely took care of it - with a smile on his face.

    Skybreaker was present on the Medusa Web operation where the group came into conflict with Psi-Force. He was ready to kick some butt, but he underestimated the combat prowess of Thomas Boyd, and got knocked out of the sky for his error, quite unconscious.

    His second appearance was when he, Potiphar, and Troublemaker were assigned to collect the Mark 3 M.A.X. armor schematic, which was being held by the Canadian government after it was used against Psi-Force. The wetworks trio managed to acquire the armor plans, killing Jake Travest in the process.

    Skybreaker next appeared when the Medusa Web freed Psi-Force from the Siberian Project, and subsequently fought the creature known as Rodstvow to death -- a lot. James was hurt in this battle, blasted out of the sky, but he's still alive and kicking.

    Skybreaker was thought to be active during (and after) the War, the conflict at the end of the New Universe line, but that has yet to be seen. In fact, none of his exploits beyond this point have been chronicled...


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