Sky Lords of Indigarr

    Team » Sky Lords of Indigarr appears in 7 issues.

    Immortals of planet Indigarr who were butchered by Gorr.

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    The Sky Lords of Indigarr were gods on their planet until stories about them started fading away, along with people's beliefs in them. For centuries the Sky Lords did not appear to their people until one day Thor went to investigate how there can exist a godless land. On arriving at the Sky Lords' city, Thor uncovered they had all been butchered to death.

    After defeating Gorr, Thor resettled many gods who had been enslaved for so long that they no longer had any worshipers. Several of these gods made their new homes on Indigarr and turned the planet into a paradise. Far in the future, the new Sky Lords of Indigarr allied with King Thor in his final battle with Gorr.


    The Sky Lords of Indigarr were created by writer Jason Aaron and artist Esad Ribic. They first appeared in 2012 story "The God Butcher, Part One".


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