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    Sky-Byte is one of the most feared and respected Predacon warriors. He's able to transform into a Great White Shark, and is able to fly in this form - thus his namesake. He is also somewhat of a poet with a penchant for haikus.

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    Sky-Byte was created as a character for the Transformers: Robots in Disguise animated series of 2000. This series was originally a Japanese anime, in which he was known as Gelshark, until it was licensed by Saban Entertainment and dubbed for English networks.

    Major Story Arcs

    IDW Comics Continuity

    He has recently made a reappearance in 2012's Transformers: Robots in Disguise comic series, where he is written by John Barber, and drawn by Andrew Griffith.

    Originally a Decepticon, Sky-Byte fled his home world because of the atrocities committed by the Constructicons on Varas Centralus.

    Cybertron was restored and Vector Sigma sent out a signal for it's people to return. Sky-Byte returned but had reservations about joining the Autobots, the Decepticons, or the NAILs. The ex-Decepticon poet stayed in solitude, musing over a decapitated Sweep, when he was found by Ironhide. Sky-Byte expected a fight from his old rival, but Ironhide surprised him by talking about his reservations and suspicions towards the Autobots. Ironhide suggested he check out the Decepticons to see if they were any better. Sky-Byte followed Ironhide's suggestion and met with the Decepticons, but he was followed by Prowl's Autobots who wanted to arrest the Decepticons. In turn a battle erupted until Ironhide settled everyone down.

    Sky-Byte joined Prowl for a drink, where Ironhide explained to them why he had changed and no longer wanted to fight. Ironhide had seen a vision of the distant future where he was alive and the war was over, because all of the Autobots and Decepticons were dead.

    Being a performer and poet, Sky-Byte performs a musical/poetic duet with Jazz in A Better Tomorrow, and in Interference Patterns he recites poetry to Starscream. Sky-Byte and others were recruited by the Decepticon to pressure Prowl into revealing his secret discoveries below ground on Cybertron. When they went underground, they witnessed Metrotitan who declared that Starscream was destined to unite their whole race. In Transformers: Robots in Disguise Annual he and the others are shown celebrating with Starscream.


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