Sky Alchesay

    Character » Sky Alchesay appears in 13 issues.

    A young Shaman from Arizona who has been chosen by Kahina to replace her on The Others.

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    When Sky's mother was killed by her brother Carl Peters, something that Sky would not learn till later in life, she passed on her powers to her daughter, Sky. Sky then lived with her grandmother and her brother Victorio, on the Fort Apache Indian reservation in Arizona. Even though Victorio doesn't believe that Sky can see dead people, Sky's grandmother encourages Sky to use her power for good.


    Sky was created by John Ostrander and Manuel Garcia. She made her first appearance in the New 52 series Aquaman #20.

    Major Story Arc


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    After having one of her common argument with her brother Victorio about Sky speaking with the dead, Sky heads out into the desert on a sort of walkabout. There the Lighting Beings, tell her that they will bring The Others to her, and they do. Once aboard their plane, Sky easily finds the Seal that Kahina the Seer left behind. Then after convincing The Others that Kahina sent her for it Sky informs the team they need to stop the Skinwalker from using the Atlantean weapon to free a ghost army.

    The Others listen to Sky, and track down the Skinwalker, learn that he is Carl Peters, and with Sky's help trap him in cell that he will never be able to escape. Sky then says goodbye to the team and offers her help whenever they might need it.


    Eyes: Brown Hair: Brown

    Height: 5'6" Weight: 122 lbs

    Marital Status: Single

    Citizenship: United States of America

    Identity: Public Identity

    Place of Birth: Fort Apache Indian reservation in Arizona

    Base of Operations: Arizona

    Known Relatives: Unnamed mother (deceased), Unnamed father, Victorio Alchesay (brother), Unnamed grandmother, Unnamed grandfather, Skinwalker (Carl Peters, uncle)

    Powers & Abilities


    Sky is a shaman who, in her words, walks in the ghost world and the living world at the same time. She can converse with the dead as well as talk to supernatural beings.


    Sky can mystically create a portal to the Ghost Lands in order to move her and her teammates the Others around from short to vast distances. The limit of how far she can transverse, for how long she can keep up this ability in succession has not been described.


    Sky also has come in position of the Seal of Clarity. The Seal is one of seven treasures belonging to the ancient Atlanteans. It once belonged to Kahina, but was retrieved by Aquaman after her death.


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