Skunk Ape

    Character » Skunk Ape appears in 5 issues.

    A mythical creature that slaughters chickens and is obsessed with pie. It also smells absolutely terrible.

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    Boggy, the "horrible" Skunk Ape is the only live specimen to have been captured for display. It is unknown where or when Boggy was captured; but it is known as the chicken killing terror of five countries.


    Cryptid said to inhabit Florida.

    Major Story Arcs

    The Goon Volume Three

    When Poachy brings his freak show to Lonely Street it raises quite a commotion, all because of the mysterious Skunk Ape he has with him. During one of the paid observations Boggy is able to escape and runs into the nearby city, causing chaos and discord throughout the town. When Boggy catches a hint of pie smell throughout the air it brings him to the local pie eating contest, it is here that he meets and enters a fight with The Goon. The two settle their differences after the Goon realizes he can satisfy the Skunk Ape's love for pie by entering it into the pie eating contest, thus allowing the Skunk Ape to devour tons of pie while simultaneously winning the Goon tons of money.


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