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    Skullfire was a troubled mutant. He absorbs electrical energy and rechannels it as electric blasts.

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    Tim was a troubled mutant in 2099 until a mutant named Cerebra invited him to a gathering. When Tim got there he saw Xi'an and a bunch of other mutants. He discovered these mutants are different and nice.


    Skullfire was created by John Francis Moore and Ron Lim and first appeared in X-Men 2099 issue 1 (1993).

    Major Story Arcs

    Finding a Murderer

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    When he saw Xi'an going to make a speech someone tried to kill Xi'an so Tim shot a energy bolt at the man causing him to leave. It turned out to be by the The Synge Corporation who thought Xi'an had killed their leader and they sent another group to raid the gathering. Tim escaped with the hurt Xi'an with the other X-men. Xi'an then asked Tim to be apart of their team. Tim was unsure and stayed with Xi'an while he healed. Until, Junkpile attacked them and took Xi'an's body. Tim then went with the X-men to Synge Corporation building so they could help some of their captured teammates. While in the building Tim unleashed a giant blast which destroyed most of the Synge corporation men. While freeing their teammates they were confronted by Junkpile.

    During the fight the X-men were having some trouble with Junkpile and Serpentina had been killed. Thats when Xi'an came up to Junkpile and disabled him. After that Tim trusted Xi'an and joined the X-men. Later, Tim joined Meanstreak to find Meanstreak's friend. During their quest La Lunatica captured them and tortured Tim by making him remember when he killed his girlfriend with his powers. This memory caused his powers to destroy their restraining collars. Luna then killed her master and let them go but Skullfire told her he would never forgive her. They continued the search when they found some answers in a hidden book. Ever since Tim was attacked by Luna he became suicidal but, also began to control his powers beter.

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    Around that time Tim started to call himself Skullfire. Xi'an than became more selfish and mean. Tim decided to go with Xi'an on a journey. While Xi'an was talking to a man Tim ran into lunatica. They started to fight but, then they started to kiss and they liked each other. Tim painted his face white to match her until she told him she betrayed him and brought him to Junkpile where he had no other choice but to help them. Thats when Tim found out that Xi'an betrayed him. Tim returned to the X-men and told the story. He then made himself the new leader. He also told them Luna was a new team member. While sleeping Xi'an put bomb with the X-men but they woke up in time to escape. Later after that in Halo City it appeared a being named Darkson had killed Tim. But, it turned out he didn't and that he had turned into one big being of energy. Tim went back and fought Darkson and disabled him. Tim returned home to his mom and took a ship to the Savage land.


    Originally Skullfire was capable of absorbing all forms of ambient energy particles into his body where he metabolized it to a usable form and then dispersed it in destructive energy blasts. He had no control over this power though and was only capable of using it during moments of great stress. Cerebra's powers allowed her to trigger his powers at will, but she had to make physical contact with him. After La Lunatica made him relive Reiko's death, Timothy could control his powers at will. Absorbing the energy of Halo City's powerplants gave Timothy a permanent source of power, but as a side-effect he was constantly glowing with a green light. When his body was destroyed, Timothy existed as a small sphere of energy. Timothy managed to take a form that resembled his human form. He now was capable of levitation and could absorb and channel the energy around him with far more ease and control.


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