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    Character » Skull The Slayer appears in 71 issues.

    James Scully is a trained soldier who gained enhanced strength and stamina when he wore the Scorpion Belt. He is currently a resident of Weirdworld.

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    Scully was an adventurer and war veteran whose plane went down over the Bermuda Triangle. He entered a world with Dinosaurs, aliens, primitives, and different time-lines. He came across a Scorpion Belt that gave him enhanced strength and stamina. Those who lived through the crash became good friends with Scully and wandered their new found home.

    Character Creation

    James Scully was created by Marv Wolfman, Gil Kane and Steve Gan and first appeared in Skull the Slayer issue 1 (1975).

    Major Story Arcs

    The Slayer and the Thing

    After many adventures trying to find a way out, the hero known as Thing would fall into the same Triangle, and with help of Mr. Fantastic, they rescued Scully and his friends. He then would help Captain America take down Night Shift. Now calling himself Blazing Skull with a new costume.

    Shock Troop

    Scully would join the Shock Troop, and eventually Dr. Druid would free Scully of the belt that originally wouldn't come off. After the belt came off Scully would lose his youthful appearance and build.

    He would also, have a adventure with Avenger Clint Barton while working as a bodyguard.

    With the X-Men

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    Years later, Skull encountered the X-Men when the team of mutants traveled to the same reality as where Skull had been living.


    Skull was seen many years later in the strange land known as Weirdworld, a place that came into existance during the Secret Wars in which the entire Marvel Multiverse was destroyed and rebuild into one gaint patchwork planet. In this place, Skull was a hitman that worked for Morgan le Fay and was ordered to kill Arkon the Barbarian. Skull managed to track down Arkon and confronted him. The two got into a fight to the death. It was however during their fight that the two fell of a mountaintop and landed in the forest of Man-Things. There the two where seperated by the good witch known as Jennifer Kale. Both Skull and Arkon where given the chance to join Jennifer in her fight against the evil Morgan le Fey. With Jennifer's powers, she made Skull see how Morgan le Fey had used Skull all this time. Shocked by what he learned, Skull made peace with himself and accepted the request to join Jennifer Kale, Crystar and later Arkon, in their fight against Morgan le Fey. During their final battle, Battleworld was destroyed and returned to it's former self, Earth. What happened to Skull and the others is as of yet unknown.


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