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Skull Squadron organisation was founded by a band of renegade pilots, with aircraft capable of time travel.

Their aim: to take over the world! By the 1990s Skull Squadron had recruited a powerful and dangerous force of pilots capable of achieving their plan of world domination. The only force strong enough to stop them - The Ring Raiders, led by Ring Commander Vector.

Meet the Squadron

  • Their leader, Scorch, knows every dirty trick in the sky and is a powerful opponent in his Viggen fighter.
  • Skull Leader Mako flies a specially-adapted MIG-29, which it is thought can even operate underwater.
  • Skull Leader Chiller is one of the most feared Skull Squadron pilots. He prefers solo combat, often launching surprise attacks on struggling Ring Raiders, in his F-104 fighter.
  • Skull Leader Wraither, a mystery man...some even say that when the skull visor is lifted on his helmet, there is no face behind it!
  • Skull Leader Blackjack is the most daring of the Skull Squadron pilots. His Harrier combat plane is filled with special night-flying gear.
  • Skull Leader Hubbub loves to create chaos wherever he goes. His Mirage III is packed with electronic devices.

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