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    A mischievous troublemaker child inhabiting the Lost Woods. He was the bearer and puppet of Majora's Mask for a brief time as the main villain throughout Majora's Mask.

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    First appeared in Ocarina Of Time as a creature who appears in the southern parts of Lost Woods. Though, this appearance people tend to forget about. In Majora's Mask he's the main villain as he's a troublemaker who in the beginning steals Link's Ocarina, gives Epona away, and turns Link into a Deku Scrub. Throughout the game he's very powerful due to the Majora's Mask he wears however it makes his soul dark. His goal is to destroy the land of Termina by making the moon fall out of the sky.

    After he steals Link's items one of Skull Kid's fairies, Tatl, decide to aid Link on his journey as she sees how evil Skull Kid has become. Though he was never like that at one point of his life. As he was a lonely boy crying in the rain wanting friends thus Tatl and her brother Tael decide to become Skull Kid's friends. In the fields of Termina you'll see a log with drawn pictures of it that shows Tatl, Tael, and Skull Kid playing. It's discovered later on from Anju's grandmother that the reason why Skull Kid was once lonely was because his friends 'The Four Giants' left him alone. Until they are finally reunited at the end of the game once Skull Kid becomes good again and happy to know his friends haven't forgot about him.


    As stated before Skull Kid first appeared in Ocarina Of Time however Skull Kid itself is a race so it's unclear if the Skull Kid from Majora's Mask is the same one in Ocarina of Time since no one from Nintendo has confirmed anything. However, it is hinted that most likely it is the same Skull Kid because in OoT Link sells a Skull Mask to a Skull Kid as it could hint masks are an interest for Skull Kid before the events that took place in Ocarina Of Time. Also in OoT Link teaches a Skull Kid "Saria's Song" and after this they become friends. In Majora's Mask after Skull Kid removes the mask he says to Link he smells the same scent as "that fairy kid who taught [him] that song in the woods." Towards the end at the credits after showing the image of a log having carvings of Tatl, Tael, Four Giants, Skull Kid, and Link "Saria's Song" will play.


    • Ocarina Of Time
    • Majora's Mask
    • Super Smash Bros. Brawl

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