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    Chao Sima aka Skull Crusher is an assassin who uses two spheres attached to chains as weapons.

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    Chao Sima aka Skull Crusher is an assassin who uses two spheres attached to chains as weapons. Skull Crusher accepted payment from an individual to slay Shang-Chi when he was in London. Shang-Chi was greeted by Sima and his two metal spheres in a passageway. The fight was fast, deadly and fierce as Skull Crusher whips his chain with great speed and power. The chain wrapped around Shang-Chi's next and it began to tighten. Shang-Chi came in close and struck Sima with a punch and kick. Shang Chi grabbed a shovel and the two fighters engaged each other armed with their weapons. Skull Crusher broke the shovel with his trademark weapon but was forced to retreat when the sound of tires alarmed him as it sped off.


    Skull Crusher was created by Doug Moench and Jim Craig in 1978 and first appeared in Master of Kung Fu # 61.

    Skills & Weapons

    Skull Crusher is an excellent hand-to-hand combatant experienced in martial arts and uses two metal spheres linked to chains that are attached to his wrist bands as his primary weapon. He can spin and whirl his weapon with great accuracy and speed. His chain is long enough to snare opponents around the neck or other limbs standing a few feet from him.

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