Skull Cave

    Location » Skull Cave appears in 135 issues.

    A cave in the shape of a skull in the deep woods of Bangalla jungle where the Phantom resides.

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    • Skull Cave is the Phantom's main residence within the deep woods of Bengali. It is carved out of a rock looking like a skull.
    • This cave is in a very tricky location in the jungle. The Phantom, while returning to the cave back from his adventure, is often seen riding on his horse Hero accompanied by Devil, towards deep jungle. They then go through a waterfall that open up to a large secret area behind it. The skull cave is hidden not just in the forbidden deep woods but in this particular secret area not easily seen.
    • The area within and around the waterfall is heavily guarded by the Pygmy Bandar tribe's warriors who are hidden among the trees and bushes equipped with bow and arrows of poison. Any sign of intruders may immediately be communicated through the drum beats that reverberate in the entire jungle and easily reach the ears of The Phantom.


    There are many chambers inside the cave.

    Skull Throne

    With Devil in Skull Cave
    With Devil in Skull Cave

    This is the throne very close to the entrance of the Skull Cave and at a central location on which The Phantom is often seated either in introspection or while talking to Guran, Old man Mozz or the tribal members.

    Chronicle Chamber

    Chronicle Chamber
    Chronicle Chamber

    This is a library, where every Phantom keeps his logs. They are very commonly referred to as The Phantom Chronicles.

    All the earlier walkers had the habit of archiving all the adventures and learning so that their sons and their sons can refer to it as a guiding hand and to know everything about his forefathers from the past.

    Burial Chamber

    This is the burial chamber consisting of the coffins of previous Phantoms and their Wives.

    Treasure Chambers

    There are two treasure chambers. One overflowing with gold and other precious stones and the other consisting of rare and old items collected by previous Phantoms as gifts, ransoms etc. Many of the precious jewellery items have been presented by many Kings as a token of gratitude for the ghost who walks.

    Radio Transmitter Room

    The skull cave also houses a radio transmitter within. The Phantom uses this to communicate with jungle patrol and the outside world.


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