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The Saga of SkrullBolt

Before the events of Secret Invasion, the mysterious SkrullBolt was a loyal soldier and servant of The Skrull Empire. When Galactus consumed Skrullos, he managed to survive and was eventually found by Dro'Ge, the Royal Priest of The Sciences, who offered him the chance of a lifetime.

See, Dro'Ge had designed an entirely new Super-Skrull program after years of studying the genetic structures of The Illuminati and was looking for a volunteer to undergo the experimental procedure, when SkrullBolt learned of the benefits that came with being a test subject, he took Dro'Ge's offer to become his first test subject and was given the powers of The Illuminati. 
He was later brought before Queen Veranke and the Skrull Parliament by Dro'Ge to show just how successful the procedure had been. Needless to say, Veranke was impressed by SkrullBolt and ordered the creation of more Super-Skrulls. Sometime later, The Skrulls managed to capture the true Black Bolt once more while he was coming back from a meeting with The Illuminati and replaced him with SkrullBolt.
For months, SkrullBolt took every advantage of pretending to be royalty and even made love to Medusa, Black Bolt's wife, whenever the opportunity arose and did so without blowing his cover. Things nearly went south, however, when The Hulk returned from Sakaar with his Warbound.  
SkrullBolt, who had been amongst those responsible for sending The Hulk away, was beaten to within an inch of death by the Green Goliath and was taken hostage so that Earth's heroes could see what he was going to do to the rest of those who had betrayed him. SkrullBolt was later forced to fight the other Illuminati members in a makeshift coliseum while The Hulk and many of his supporters watched, but was soon freed and, after The Hulk's defeat, managed to return to his duty as an undercover Skrull agent. 
But when Siri, a female Skrull posing as Elektra, was killed and her corpse reverted back to its true form, SkrullBolt had no other choice but to begin preparing for the retrieval of Siri's corpse and the blowing of his cover. Luckily for him, it was not long before Iron Man called The Illuminati together for one last time to discuss the possibility of a Skrull Invasion and it was then, that SkrullBolt struck.
A fight ensued between SkrullBolt and The Illuminati, but with all of their powers including Black Bolts abilities at his command The Illuminati found themselves quickly being overwhelmed by the now-extremely religious Super-Skrull. However, when he least expected it, Namor leaped upon him and tried snapping his neck.
SkrullBolt scoffed at Namor's foolish attempt to break the neck of a shape-shifter but in reality Namor's tactic had only been a distraction and before SkrullBolt could act any further Namor threw him onto a broken metal support beam as hard as possible. The beam tore its way through SkrullBolt's chest upon contact and killed him instantly.
His corpse was later given to Medusa, who showed it to her people in order to warn them of the Skrull Invasion, once she returned home.

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