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    Skram is an Autobot who first appeared in the early 1990's Transformers: Generation 2 toy series, as one of the new Autobot cars, alongside new characters Turbofire, Rapido, and Windbreaker. He has appeared as a supporting character mainly in the IDW Publishing series The Transformers: Spotlight.

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    Toy Bio and History

    Function: Crack Patrol

    "Hey, loosen up, guys! Saving the universe can't be that big of a deal!

    An easygoing daredevil. Out for kicks and in it for the glory. Speeds to the rescue at the merest sniff of trouble and turns it to Autobot advantage! In sleek vehicle mode, his engine doubles as a powerful weapon. As a robot, he creates havoc in the enemy ranks.

    The original (and only) figure of Skram was released in 1993 as part of the second wave of Transformers: Generation 2 figures. He was part of the new quartet of Autobot cars (the others being Rapido, Turbofire, and Windbreaker). All had two shared features: in robot mode, their heads had "light-piping" (which allowed their eyes to glow if held up to a light) and their engine blocks became their weapons. They were also released in Europe around the same time, with the difference being their grouping under the name "Axelerators" and the smokey gray plastic parts being switched out with clear neon hot pink plastic.

    Comic History

    Marvel UK

    Skram was part of the Autobot squad sent to Earth to stop Bludgeon's troops from trashing the place. Skram went with Jazz and Sideswipe to handle the rank-and-file while Optimus Prime took on Bludgeon.

    When the Skyscorchers were pulled away, Skram thought they had won, but turned out to be wrong. He and the other two ran to help Prime, and showed up in time to mop up some Decepticons that the Dinobots had slapped around.

    IDW Publishing

    Skram was one of the Autobots stationed at Thunderhead Pass under the command of Hound to guard the remains of Thunderwing. He was witness to Hound's dressing down of Sideswipe when the latter broke radio silence to request a transfer to Earth. He was knocked offline during an attack on the outpost by Galvatron, but the intruder chose to spare Skram's life, and the lives of most of the other Autobots stationed there, in a small act of rebellion against his master (former Autobot leader Nova Prime, now Nemesis Prime).

    Later, Optimus Prime informed Hound that his unit should make preparations to come to Earth as reinforcements; however, due to the extraction of prisoners from Garrus-9, Hound's unit, including Skram, was diverted there instead. On the way, their ship, the Ark-12 was attacked by Cyclonus, and it was Skram who alerted them to the ship's damage. He apparently stayed aboard the ship while the others caught up with Cyclonus on the surface of Corata-Vaz.


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