Character » Skorpio appears in 41 issues.

    He is an enemy of Steel and part of the Secret Society of Super Villains.

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    Dennis Samuel Ellis was a resident at Garden State Medical Center, when he was recruited by gang leader Dr. Arthur Villain to be his personal bodyguard. He was given a special suit with several hidden weapons, calling himself Skorpio earned his keep as a bodyguard. Although he did kill some other villains, he was eventually came in conflict and was arrested by Steel. Skorpio became a recurring nemesis for the hero afterwards, having presumably lost his license to practice medicine as a result of his arrest.

    Years later, it was shown that Skorpio had turned to more mundane crime to support himself. He clashed with Manhunter during a bank robbery, but quickly surrendered when he recognized her as the hero whom had reportedly killed Copperhead.

    Skorpio later joined " Alexander Luthor, Jr.'s" Secret Society of Super Villains to earn some extra money.

    Skorpio was among the villains that were shipped to the prison planet Salvation.


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