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Skooka is the daughter of Hunkir, and princess of the Plykatzin quadrant. One day she would become ruler.

As a gift, her father got her the thing she wanted from the moment she saw it, a piece of the Gleambody - the Silver Surfer's head. It was a present for her upcoming transformation. But another transformation came from the gift and she was transformed into a Silver Surfer.

She was excited by the power, excited to help everyone in the universe. She now had an important purpose - to defeat the Uni-Lord. She joined the rest of the Skyriders in space. She was announced the leader for her telepathic abilities. She stepped down from her leadership when they engaged in battle with the Black Surfer because Pradda Fol had more combat experience.

But her telepathic abilities did come in handy when she was contacted by the soul of the true Silver Surfer, Norrin Radd. He gave her the confidence to use her powers to their true extent. She was able to heal Qirmet from near death.

The Black Surfer retreated and Skooka was able to hold the group together. They then went after it to defeat the Uni-Lord. But they were met by the Black Surfer in his blackbody form. It stripped them of their power. Furious, the Uni-Lord declared that their races would be assimilated and Skooka and the others would be the last of their kind to join the Congregation of Finality. Skooka was one of the unlucky that became part of the Congregation.

Inside the link was severed when the Surfer destroyed the Congregation. It was here she met Pradda Fol, but with the mind of Oclin Uwir Prin. He told her to not worry and it would soon be over.

She was born anew thanks to the actions of her father. He had bartered the physical existance of all those in her quadrant for the piece of the Gleambody. All the psychic energies of her people were transferred into her and she became the mother of a new race. She is the only member of the Congregation that survived for birth and finality were not compatible.


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