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    A member of the Teen Titans who turns into an insectoid-like creature when she sleeps. Skitter was given her name by her sister, who wanted to protect Skitter however she could. She said the name made Skitter sound cute or harmless.

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    Current Events

    When Detective Lure and some other police officers pulled weapons on the Teen Titans, Skitter intervened by restraining Detective Lure and webbing the other officers. She proceeded with the rest of the Teen Titans to Star Labs where a super-villain known as Grymm used his psychic abilities to manipulate her simple mind into freeing him. Grymm was defeated by Bunker, and Skitter was freed from his control. Skitter has been shown to have a strong friendship with her fellow teen titan, Bunker. Recently all of the Teen Titans were teleported to the Crucible to take part in the Culling but Skitter was left behind. when Skitter was left behind another meta-human approached her, this young Meta-human is possibly another person with Skitter's powers.


    Following the September 2011 relaunch of the DC Universe, Skitter was a new character created by Teen Titans writer Scott Lobdell, first drawn by series artist Brett Booth.

    Major Story Arcs

    Superboy: Incubation

    For more information see: Superboy: Incubation

    On the last page of issue one of Superboy, Skitter is seen with the other Teen Titans as the target of Superboy's first mission.

    Teen Titans: It's Our Right to Fight

    For more information see: Teen Titans: It's Our Right to Fight

    Red Robin hears about Celine when he reads her twin sister Claudia's Blog and he travels from New York to Southern California to find her and help. While there Red Robin learns that Claudia who had originally named her sister Skitter unwittingly gave up her location to N.O.W.H.E.R.E. thinking she was helping. Skitter is later found by Red Robin in the sewers after she had knocked out Thrice, one of N.O.W.H.E.R.E.'s agents. Skitter attacks Red Robin but Wonder Girl comes to his aide. Wonder Girl over powers Skitter and knocks her out.

    Unconscious Red Robin takes Skitter, now in a cocoon on a box car bound for New York. Along the was Red Robin meets Bunker and Bunker is there when Skitter wakes up and emerges from her cocoon as Celine.

    Back in New York, Celine is the one to bring to the Teen Titans attention that Superboy is battling Winder Girl in Time Square. When the team runs off to help Celine stays behind believing its not her fight.

    Later, after the battle, Skitter comes to the Teen Titans aide when it looks like the NYPD would be arresting them for destruction of private property. Skitter "webs" the officers and threatens Jocelyn Lure, their commanding officer. Red Robin stops Skitter before she does something she'd live to regret. Skitter then turns on the Titans but Bunker steps forward and appeals to Skitter's Celine side. She uncharacteristically hugs Bunker and the team heads to S.T.A.R. Labs to get help for Kid Flash.

    At S.T.A.R. Labs Grymm uses his powers to take over Skitter's body and forces her to free him. Bunker and Wonder Girl come to Skitter's aide and frees her from Grymm's control.

    Later, back at Red Robin's penthouse apartment, Skitter changes back to her Celine form and is present when Red Robin asks the team to help free Superboy. Like the rest she doesn't want to help Superboy because of what he did to the team earlier, but Kid Flash changes her mind. She is with Kid Flash and Bunker when they rescue Superboy, and she is with the group when they are attacked by Harvest.

    The Culling

    For more information see: The Culling

    After the Teen Titans are overpowered by Harvest they are all mentally tortured by Omen, and when it become Skitter's turn Omen seemingly splits Skitter into two parts, Celine and Skitter. Celine gets angry and demands they be rejoined, while Skitter acts confused and mentions FREE.DOM. It is later discovered that all of Omen's action seemly only happened in the Titan's heads and when Skitter awakes she is one person again.

    Harvest then uses Leash to take the Titans to the Crucible, where they meet the other teenagers prep for the Culling. Later when Leash comes back for the team he misses Skitter, who meets a stranger that sounds like her who tells her "Don't be afraid sister. We have better places to go. This is the last time Skitter is seen during the Culling, but the team is constantly looking for her, and as they make their escape Dawnstar informs Bunker, their psychic can't find her so hence she must have escaped on her own.

    Saur Feelings

    For more information see: Teen Titans #10

    Note: Skitter is only seen in Red Robin's head when he thinks of the people he has failed.


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