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Skip Ash owned Factory Farm a company that genetically modified animals and experimented on humans. He physically altered and brainwashed the woman who would become Number Nine Via technology from the Inhumans to become his perfect obedient wife. After his daughter Brandy Ash accidentally freed Number Nine, Shotgun was then hired to retrieve her.

Major Story Arcs


While flying his private plane delivering weapons and drug, Skip crashed and was pulled to safety my Matt Murdock. As a thank you he gave him his business card and invited him to the farm if Matt was ever in the area.


Skip is at his farm and testing faculty, checking in on his perfect woman experiment, who later becomes Number Nine, when Brandy and Daredevil attack it in an attempt to liberate the abused animals. They unknowingly release Number Nine and this causes Skip to take drastic measures


Skip is forced by his silent partners, the government, to hire a mercenary, Shotgun, to bring back number Nine. Skip is annoyed that Shotgun needs to be equipped with the finest weapon.

The Billion Dollar Ashtray

Shotgun fails at his first attempt and Skip is forced to equip the mercenary with a tank and more weapons

When Inhumans strike

After Shotgun fails again, Skip takes matters in his own hands and goes to meet Daredevil and Brandy face to face. He tries to ambush Daredevil but is out matched. Brandy saves her father from recieving a beating from Daredevil. This is when the Inhumans Gorgon and Karnak arrive to question him about a shipment from the Inhuman home on the Moon.

Acts of Vengeance

Skip is there when Ultron tries to kidnap Number Nine. He tries to help with guns and bombs but they are useless against Ultron.

At some point after the fight Skip contacts his government partners and lies to them telling them Number Nine was destroyed.


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