Skinless Man

    Character » Skinless Man appears in 51 issues.

    A product of the Weapon Plus program who has a grudge against Fantomex.

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    The Skinless Man is a mutant who possesses elastic, multi-sensory skin. As a lawyer, he allowed his skin to gain him an advantage over his colleagues. He was approached by Father to join the Weapon Plus program in exchange for his silence. Skinless Man was augmented, having his durability enhanced and became Weapon III, killing thousands of Soviets during the Cold War, at times alongside Fantomex. Father sent him to obtain the Orb of Necromancy from Otherworld, though once he reached it, Fantomex attacked from behind and stole it, leaving him to be dealt with by the Captain Britain Corps. James Braddock ordered that his skin be removed but he be left alive. Shortly after, Fantomex stole his skin from Otherworld.


    The Skinless Man was created by Uncanny X-Force writer Rick Remender. Though he can be seen as a statue in #18, he officially made his first appearance in #21.

    Major Story Arcs


    As Psylocke and Fantomex attempt to escape Otherworld they are stopped by the Skinless Man. He restrains them both and explains who he is to Psylocke. The Skinless Man demands to know where Fantomex has taken his skin, which he reveals he turned into bullets. Then he proceeds to exact his revenge on Fantomex by torturing him starting with cutting off his face, but is interrupted by Psylocke who uses the poison given to her by Krokwel to stop him. He eases his grip on Fantomex, but before the latter can react, the Skinless Man escapes back to Earth through the portal shown to him by Psylocke.

    Powers & Abilities

    Even after having his skin removed, the Skinless Man was able to teach his muscles to act in the same way. Every muscle sinew in his body is capable of molecular expansion and contraction. This allows him to extend his muscles like tendrils.


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