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Proper Japanese Title: Daikai Kyarakutaa Ninkitōhyō Kekka Happyō (第ひとつ回キャラクター人気投票結果発表)

Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 63. "Bad Scientist" (バッド・サイエンティスト, Baddo saienteisuto)
  • Chapter 64. "Panic at the Principal's Office" (パニック・イン・校長室, Panikku in kōchōshitsu)
  • Chapter 65. "Oneesan Sensei" (おねえさん先生, Oneesan sensei)
  • Chapter 66. "Group Blind Date Tsukkomi" (合こんでツッコんで, Gōkon de tsukkonde)
  • Chapter 67. "Gatcha Gatcha Trader" (ガチャガチャトレーダー, Gacha gacha toreedaa)
  • Chapter 68. "The First Ever Character Popularity Contest Results Announcement" (第ひとつ回キャラクター人気投票結果発表, Daikai kyarakutaa ninkitōhyō kekka happyō)
  • Chapter 69. "The Glass Man" (ガラス男, Garasu otoko)
  • Chapter 70. "Who...!?" (誰...!?, Dare...!?)
  • Chapter 71. "The Glass Maiden" (ガラス乙女, Garasu otome)
  • Extra: BISCUIT DANCE, Part 2







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