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    Extra-Terrestrial Exterminator of organic life forms

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    Skeletron claimed that in the part of the galaxy he was from, there were biomechanical and organic races that lived together and had the same amount of each. Eventually the biomechanical race decided they wanted to join together against the organic ones. Which lead to them forming a huge star spanning empire or better known as the Turgentine Technenium. They waged war on the organics and in the end the organics ended up winning and the remaining Turgentine Technenium called them selves the Black Fleet. They would go across the galaxy brining terror upon organics who crossed their path. Though the biomechanical drafted organics along their way picking up the ones that wanted to kill their own kind.

    Later on they eventually came to a peace loving planet Scadam where they would begin to slaughter the peace loving race that had lived their. Their was a philosopher though who used the planets advanced technology to obverse earth and their superhuman powerful beings from earth.

    He thought it be the best idea to gain the powers of the super humanly powerful beings powers to save his race he created the Chief Examiner who would then go to earth and would locate the super human’s. The Chief Examiner would then have the super humans pass through a portal and duplicate their powers and send it to the philosophers second creation Chief Exterminator. The Examiner eventually came upon the human Kayla Ballantine and unlike the others she had the basically unlimited power of the Star Brand. When he tried to analyze her power and duplicate it the machine exploded. The Chief Exterminator went on to fight the Black Fleet and eventually lost the battle with them. Kayla say this and in and act of desperation and fear she utilized her Star Band powers to destroy the Black Fleet then used her powers to power the ship and get back home. Their how ever was one ship that had survived the Dark Seed which was run by Skeletron who would run his crew the Starblasters to follow the Star Bands energy on its trail leading back to Earth.

    Their they pursed a path of destruction but their real goal was to capture Kayla. Skeletron then traveled to Stranger lab world their he made a false alliance. He did this so that he might find the origin of the Star Bands powers. The Stranger then came to Kayla and pretended to be a god to her and tricked her into releasing the power of the Star Band into him but the energy that came from this transfer shunted half the Strangers lab world into another dimension the New universe where the Star Band came from. Then a number of earths hero’s a group of the New universe’s most powerful hero’s and the imperial guard to oppose Skeletron. Then in an effort to rid himself of interference, Skeletron ejected all organic beings from the Dark Seed he didn’t feel remorse for his actions of killing his crew members. Then skeletron went and siphoned the power of the Star Band from the New Universe dimension as well as from Stranger. How ever Stranger succeeded in outwitting Skeletron, trapping him in the dimension of the New Universe, while transferring the entire Earth of the New Universe and its occupants into the prime Earth dimension, in orbit around his world. Skeletron now possesses the greatest power in a universe devoid of all life save himself.


    Skeletron posed strength and durability that matched the size he assumed. Skeletron could change to any shape or form he wanted. He could also gain any weapon that he needed. He had speed and reaction time of a computer. He could siphon the energy from others so that he maybe able to repair him self or make himself stronger. He also could add mineral and machinery on to himself to add on size or also repair damage. Skeletron is actual the Dark Seed himself the smaller figure that was usually used is actually a bipedal.

    After absorbing the powers of the Star Band his powers grew immensely to the point where his powers dwarfed Strangers. Although he couldn’t teleport to another dimension


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