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    Security droid for the Metropolis Space Museum in the 25th Century. He accompanies Michael Jon Carter 500+ years in the past to help him in becoming the superhero Booster Gold.

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    Skeets was the security robot at the Metropolis: Space Museum where Booster Gold worked as a janitor. After Booster Gold decided to steal the artifacts to make himself into a superhero, he traveled to the past where Skeets joined him. Skeets often provides a sense of forewarning as he has excellent files on past events (which are present events for everyone else.) Note that although genderless Skeets is generally given a male gender representation.


    His first appearance was in Booster Gold #1 in 1986. He was created by Dan Jurgens.

    Character Evolution

    Despite being a robot, Skeets is often seen to exhibit a sense of humour. As a robot though he does not really undergo much development as a character though he has been shown to be highly loyal to Booster and his family. During the events of 52, he did change personality, but this was as a result of the influence of Mister Mind.

    Major Story Arcs

    Skeets served as the constant sidekick to Booster Gold though generally not when Booster served with the Justice League. Thus his stories have generally been restricted to series focusing solely on Booster.

    The most important story involving Skeets unfolded during the 52 story arc. At the beginning of the story Skeets begins to malfunction and is acting differently than usual in his ability to predict events. Despite being examined by Doctor Magnus everything is seemingly operational with him, but he begins to exhibit weird behavior. He seems very interested in gaining access to Rip Hunter time lab, and especially so after Booster’s apparent death. Unknown to Skeets though, Booster faked his death because he had been able to ascertain from Rip’s blackboard as to what was happening. Skeets begins a hunt for Rip Hunter and eventually when he finds him he discovers that Booster is alive and working with Rip in the city of Kandor. Skeets attacks them, but Booster unleashes the Phantom Zone on him which has the unforeseen effect of being consumed by Skeets. The two heroes escape but soon have a showdown with Skeets as it is revealed that Mister Mind has had control of him since the beginning of the story. Mister Mind seeks to use the knowledge of Rip to control the new 52 worlds which resulted from the events of Infinite Crisis. Skeets eventually is able to capture Mister Mind and journeys through the time stream to destroy him. This act of sacrifice is short lived as it is revealed that his memory was backed up one year previously and only a new body must be created for him.

    In the following time a new group of time travelers is assembled including himself, Booster, Rip and Booster’s sister Michelle. They now battle a group of villains known as the Time Stealers.

    Powers and Abilities

    As a robot Skeets is not subject to most of the physiological problems that most humans would be. Also he has the ability of flight and due to his databanks, an extensive knowledge of past (or current) events. In addition to this he also has a selection of weapons and tools kept in the interior of his shell, Skeets has also demonstrated the ability to produce blasts of blue energy.

    Other Media

    Skeets has appeared alongside Booster in episodes of Batman: The Brave and the Bold and Justice League Unlimited.


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