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    Skal'nas was a Rakata Predor and one of the best warriors of the Infinite Empire. He had his own Force Hound named Trill, who served her master well. Noted as skilled in both combat and treachery, Skal'nas was a bloodthirsty and brutal warlord.

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    Born low in the Rakata Empire, Skal'Nas fought his way and made it to the top. He was a skilled manipulator and combatant, with a powerful connection with the Force.

    Force Storm

    When Tul'kar, a rival predor of Skal'nas, met, both brought their Force Hounds with them. Skal'nas brought Trill and Tul'kar brought Xesh. The two predor talked about a planet strong in the Force, that Skal'nas and Tul'kar believed Xesh could track. An enraged Trill attacks Xesh for mocking her in the process, though, and Xesh emerges victorious. However, Skal'nas broke up the fight by sending both of them flying with a telekinetic push. He then ordered Xesh to go and find the planet they talked about earlier.

    Prisoner of Bogan

    Skal'nas Force pushing Trill.
    Skal'nas Force pushing Trill.

    Since Xesh has gone missing, exiled to the moon Bogan by the Je'Daii, Skal'nas punished Trill. He ragdolled her, choking her and throwing her around, before ordering Trill to go and find Xesh.

    During this mission, Trill came across a Je'Daii named Sek'nos Rath. During her mission, Trill was reminded of how Skal'Nas and Tul'Kar used to pit her and Xesh against one another, and how she was betrayed by who she once considered her friend.

    Force War

    When the Rakatans invaded Tython, Skal'Nas was one of the leaders of the invasion. He tasked Trill with recapturing Xesh, whom he then tormented and converted back to his side.

    After using Xesh to locate the location of the Infinity Gate, Skal'Nas took his new Force Hound into the Abyss, attempting to claim the Gate for himself and the Infinite Empire. Daegen Lok and Shae Koda found Skal'Nas's and Xesh's location, and engaged them in battle.

    Skal'nas engages Daegen Lok.
    Skal'nas engages Daegen Lok.

    Xesh was forced to fight his now lover Shae Koda, while Skal'Nas dueled Daegen Lok.

    Skal'Nas and Lok stalemated each other, until Daegen attempted to use a Mind Twist. Skal'Nas reversed the Mind Twist and made it back fire against Lok. He then stabbed and incapacitated Lok.

    He then used a bolt of Lightning on Shae Koda, but then an enraged Xesh attacked his former master. Taking part in a brief duel, Xesh came out on top- slaying the Rakata Predor.

    Powers and Abilities

    Skal'Nas was noted as being skilled in both combat and in treachery. He has stalemated skilled Je'Daii like Daegen Lok and held his own against Xesh in a duel.

    Skal'Nas also had a high affinity for abilities like Lightning, which he could use to turn other Force Sensitives into husk and ash. And he could also use telekinesis and telepathy to a high degree, enough to overpower the likes of Trill and Daegen.


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