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    Skaar is the son of the Hulk and Caiera the Oldstrong, retaining the powers of both his parents. He traveled to Earth to strike his revenge against his father, but upon realization that his father was a good person, joined forces with him instead. Recently however, he was depowered by Doctor Green.

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    The Hulk, who was at the time Emperor/King of Sakaar and Caiera the Oldstrong, former slave to the Red King, then queen of Sakaar (now deceased) wed and conceived a son. Unfortunately, Caiera along with her unborn children--the twins, Skaar and Hiro-Kala--and millions of others seemingly perished when the Hulk's ship exploded in Incredible Hulk vol. III #104. Though his first chronological appearance is in What If? Planet Hulk #1, Hulk and Caiera's child (who had named himself Skaar) made his first appearance in regular Marvel Comics continuity in November 2007's issue of World War Hulk #5. Skaar arose from the ashes of Sakaar, raised by monsters and destined to conquer. Though he never met his parents, he often had visions of his late mother.


    Skaar's first appearance was in an alternate reality in What If? Planet Hulk #1 where he appeared alongside his mother although was never explicitly named.

    At the conclusion of World War Hulk, the character of Skaar was introduced to the mainstream continuity by creators Greg Pak and John Romita Jr in the last page of World War Hulk #5 (2008). This led to his first full appearance in Skaar: Son of Hulk issue 1 where he starred in his own ongoing series written by Pak.

    Major Story Arcs

    Savage World of Sakaar

    Savage Manchild
    Savage Manchild

    When Caiera the Oldstrong, was incinerated in the blasts that destroyed Crown City, along with most of the inhabitants of Sakaar, it was assumed that both she and her unborn child perished. However, by some unknown phenomenon, Skaar survived. Rising from the ashes of the charred planet, he was christened with the name of Skaar, and the title Son of Sakaar.

    The Son of Hulk, having survived the monsters of the radioactive swamps, defeated the barbarian general Axeman of the Fillians. Not long after, Skaar locked horns with the warrior Princess Omaka. The Princess and Skaar joined forces to defend Sakaar’s refugees from the invading barbarians. Hailed as a savior, Skaar walked the Prophet's Walk through the Great Desert of Sakaar. Once in the shadow of the holy stone, he claimed his Old Power, his birthright as promised by Old Sam of the Clear-Eye Shadow. Skaar's ascension was spoiled however, when the hidden technology Old Sam sought to use to awaken the Old Power within Skaar was cannibalized by the Wildebots.

    Despite this set back there was still a chance that the power would awaken on its own. Before this mystery could unravel, however, the holy rock was destroyed by Hiro Amin, the Axeman's Blind Shadow Priest. His attack was blistering with amazing new strength promising nothing but destruction for Skaar and the refugees. Unknown to all present, Old Sam had once tried to train Hiro-Amin to control the Old Power, but he lacked the discipline and skill to master the secret power of the Shadow People. Skaar was able to defeat Hiro-Amin by separating him from the planet - thereby decreasing his power.

    After seeing the might of the Old Power, Skaar went out to master it. He soon found himself allied with the Former King, who was saved from death and rebuilt with a majority of cybernetic parts by the Wildebots. After becoming his ally, many people who considered him a savior, including the Omaka, daughter of the Red King lost faith in him and allied themselves with Axeman Bone.

    War of Kings

    For further details: War of Kings

    While investigating a massive portal, Starbolt of the Shi'ar ran afoul of a scouting party led by Gorgon of the Inhumans. Gorgon mounts an attack, causing Starbolt to go through the portal. Gorgon gives chase, but becomes stranded on the planet as well. With nowhere to go, the two warriors take their fight to the ground. In the midst of battle Starbolt sees the Wildebots attacking both his and Gorgon's crews. Turning his attention from Starbolt, Gorgon easily defeats the Wildebots, only to realize that they weren't after him, they were after his ship. As Starbolt searches for any of his surviving crew members Gorgon attacks yet again. The earthquakes caused by Gorgon's attacks cause Skaar ans Old Sam to take notice of the battle. Arriving on the scene, Skaar throws a massive boulder at the two, ending the fight. Later, while searching for warmth and food, he sees Starbolt being attacked by a Molten beast. Knowing Starbolt was using the heat to recover, he asks Starbolt to surrender. Starbolt agrees, and Gorgon defeats the Molten beast to continue their alliance. After daybreak, Gorgon sees the site of the massive explosion that killed Caiera and so many others, and asks an Old Woman what happened. The woman tells them of the Old Power and the Son of Hulk. Suddenly Skaar arrives and attacks the unwary group. Just when all seemed lost Lockjaw teleports them to the Royal Palace. Once they arrive, Gorgon tells Starbolt that the ordeal is over and it was time for Starbolts uphold his end of their bargain. Moving quickly, Starbolt takes Luna hostage. Starbolt tells Lockjaw to teleport them to the Shi'ar Throne World, or they shall all watch the girl burn. Lockjaw teleports both Luna and Gorgon, who, after rescuing Luna, flees. Starbolt and Gorgon tell their respective Kings about the Old Power, and how it could tear whole planets asunder.With this knowledge both Black bolt and Vulcan have the same goal, to reach the Old Power first.

    Galactus Comes

    Skaar vs. Silver Savage
    Skaar vs. Silver Savage

    The Silver Surfer arrives on Sakaar to warn of the coming of Galactus. He finds Skaar one with the Old Power, intent on killing nearly all life on Sakaar. Determined to stop him The Surfer forces the Old Power back into the planet. The strain of this task however robbed him of his powers yet again allowing Skaar to fit him with an Obedience disk. The Silver Savage returns.

    Skaar, with his new ally the Red King, head to battle the barbarian army of Axeman Bone. Upon their arrival, Skaar loses himself to his his blood-lust, losing any concern for innocent lives. He even tells the Axeman that he will murder his young daughter, Lihla. Axeman in fear of losing his daughter, awakens the Dragons of Fillia to kill Skaar and anyone else in his vicinity. The Surfer desperately tries to get Skaar to help the innocent, but all Skaar is intent on nothing but the death of Axeman..

    Caiera's spirit gathers it's strength to make one final plea of her son, she asked him to give up his rage. Heedless of her request Skaar charges into battle. Caiera, using the what little strength was left her as a spirit, used her Oldstrong power to return in a stone form of herself then in the image of Hulk. She defeats Skaar with ease and asks why he insisted on being a killer instead of a attempting to make peace.Skaar then reveals his plan of killing everyone on the planet he deemed evil after glimpsing the destruction so many people caused when he briefly wielded the power of Oldstrong.

    Offering him one last chance at redemption, Caiera makes Silver Surfer bring Skaar to Galactus, a being who has killed billions, in order to truly grasp what it would mean if his plan succeeded. Skaar is shown that the consequences of his actions will result with the death of everyone on the planet by the hands of Galactus. Skaar sees his planet destroyed, which he believes is real, but it is merely a vision shown to him by the Surfer. The Surfer then sends him back to Sakaar believing he has changed his mind. Caiera then returns to being one with the planet, believing Skaar has taken up the Silver Surfer on his offer of evacuating the planet and returns the Old Power to help him do so.

    Skaar then unsuspectingly uses his newly returned old power to destroy the ships, dooming everyone on the planet. He chose the planet and his mother's soul over its inhabitants and gave the Surfer an ultimatum, spare Sakaar or he will use his old power to increase Galactus' hunger which would cause him to consume every planet the Surfer managed to save. The Surfer decides to leave, informing everyone on the planet of his actions and how they would subsequently be responsible for the deaths of billions. Caiera returns to him once more and denounces him as her son for his decision and exiles him from the planet to Earth, saying she now understands the reason the people of Earth wanted to get rid of Hulk. Caiera absorbs the power of Sakaar and quietly waits.

    Planet Skaar

    Earth, Meet Skaar
    Earth, Meet Skaar

    Skaar's Old Power allowed him to survive the trip through space to Earth, and when he made landfall, all those with a connection to his blood and his Old Power could sense it. They were drawn to him. Kate Waynesboro, She-Hulk and the Hulk were coming to him. But after Skaar destroyed a hunting helicopter, H.A.M.M.E.R. and the Fantastic Four were coming for him as well. Skaar was not interested in any of them. He only wanted to see his father. He only wanted to confront and kill the Hulk. She-Hulk and the Fantastic Four tried to reign him in, but the battle was interrupted by Norman Osborn bombing the area. There was no sign of Skaar in the immediate aftermath, and it was believed he had been killed by the blast.

    In fact, the blast only weakened Skaar to the point that he transformed. He became a small boy, who appeared to be around the age of twelve. Along with this new form came a new personality, one who despised the things Skaar did so much that he wanted to kill himself. The only thing that prevented him from leaping off a cliff was another boy getting hurt and needing his help. This led to a misunderstanding with police that provoked him to transform into Skaar once more.

    Skaar's Inner Child
    Skaar's Inner Child

    The Warbound found and reached out to Skaar, but he turned on them. He had no interest in their companionship. He was single minded in his pursuit of the Hulk, and was quickly rewarded as the Hulk arrived on the scene. The two fought despite the Warbound's initial attempt to stop them. Skaar was outmatched by his father's strength, and soon it became apparent that the Hulk had no idea who any of them were. This was not the Hulk who had become king of Sakaar. This was an angry, low intellect Hulk who just wanted to smash. Skaar tried to push Hulk into remembering and becoming the Green Scar once again. He would have succeeded had, Banner not pushed those thoughts away, causing the Hulk lost interest in fighting Skaar. Their battle had caused significant damage to a nearby nuclear power plant, risking disaster should it explode . Hulk and the Warbound tried to contain it, but it was Skaar who used his Old Power to successfully do so. He then stabbed the Hulk with his sword and left saying he would return to finish the job when the Hulk was worth killing.

    Father and Son

    Bring Your Son to Work Day
    Bring Your Son to Work Day

    When Banner became unable to transform into the Hulk, he lured Skaar into a confrontation. Skaar was disappointed to find puny Banner and not the Hulk. He did not care about Banner. However, Banner made him a deal. Eventually, he would become the Hulk again, and when that happened, the Green Scar would most likely kill Skaar. So the deal was that Banner would train Skaar to kill the Hulk when the time came. Skaar seemed doubtful that he needed the help but accepted Banner's company.

    Banner's first lesson for Skaar came in the form of fighting the Juggernaut. Since Skaar has never fought someone like juggernaut, he could not stop the unstoppable, but he was able to hurl him into orbit. Later, Banner explained to him the Conan joke that people kept making when they met him. Skaar's next lesson would see him pitted against the X-Men. Wolverine was sent after Skaar and Banner because what happened with Juggernaut. This coincided with Banner tipping off Daken to Skaar's whereabouts to stage a meeting like he did with Juggernaut. Banner kept Wolverine occupied while Skaar met with Daken. The two seemed to bond over their similarities, but things then took an unexpected turn. Skaar transformed again, and the child he became asked Daken to kill him. Daken was about to comply when Banner interfered by throwing Wolverine into Daken. The anger over being thwarted again caused the child to transform back into Skaar and fight. An element within Daken's claws, the Muramasa Blade, neutralized Skaar's healing factor, and Skaar was nearly at Daken's mercy when Banner forced an end to the fight by threatening to kill Wolverine if Daken did not back down. The two father and son pairs parted ways.

    Plans of His Own
    Plans of His Own

    Banner and Skaar took a detour from their lessons to save Kate Waynesboro from Norman Osborn's attempts to harness the Old Power. This put Banner on Osborn's list. Victoria Hand and Karla Sofen ambushed them as they were about to hit another Old Power facility. As Skaar fought "Ms. Marvel", she manipulated him and let him in on what their plan truly was. Gamma particles were being released from the nearby Old Power facility, which were meant to accelerate Banner's eventual transformation back into the Hulk. Skaar let it happen, making sure the standoff lasted long enough for the particles to coat Banner, he then grabbed Banner and leaped into the distance. When they landed, he informed his father of what was really happening.

    Fall of the Hulks

    For further details: Fall of the Hulks

    Banner and Skaar helped to fight off an invasion of Sakaarian beasts lead by Tyrannus. After parade-like procession, Uatu the Watcher appears and is studying Bruce. Banner believes he has seen Betty Ross (who has recently been shown to be 'alive') in the crowd and soon leaves Skaar with the Fantastic Four as he teleports to the Red Hulk's location in New Mexico. After a brief skirmish and conversation, Banner transports to Latveria, in time to find the Cosmic Hulk attacking Dr. Doom. Skaar shows up,having found a Teleportation device purposely left behind by Banner, believing that the automaton is his father, and tries to prevent Doom from killing it. Doom quickly turns the tables on Skaar, and as Skaar reverts to his puny form he is rescued by Banner. Doom had been poisoned by the Cosmic Hulk's controllers (the Intelligencia) with a neural anesthetizer and the Cosmic Hulk makes off with the poisoned Doom. Banner attempts to make amends with the puny Skaar, but he quickly regains his previous size and anger toward Banner.

    The two then head off to help the Avengers, who have been caught up in a struggle with the Red She-Hulk as she was attempting to abduct Hank Pym for the Intelligencia. Skaar has now teamed up with Korg, A-Bomb, Wolverine, Namor, Spider-Man, and Amadeus Cho to help Banner rescue Betty Ross, the abducted heroes (Reed Richards, Hank Pym, Hank McCoy and T'Challa, currently) and save the rest of the world from the Intelligencia's plans.

    World War Hulks

    For further details: World War Hulks

    Banner and his Avengers make their way aboard the Hellcarier, and members of the Avengers and the X-Men arrive to help Banner's Avengers stop the Intelligencia. As Banner gets closer to saving the trapped 'smartest', Red She-Hulk arrives and starts to attack Banner. With his shields being overwhelmed, Banner looks to be in trouble, but Skaar steps in, yelling, "Stay away from my father!" and stabs Red She-Hulk through the stomach, causing her to revert to her human form: Betty Ross. Leonard Samson appears, causing Betty Ross to re-transform into her Hulk form and she she attacks Samson, then jumps from the Hellcarrier to attack the Hulked-out-Heroes and AIMarines below.

    Father and Son
    Father and Son

    The Leader and M.O.D.O.K. have unleashed a Cathexis ray upon the heroes that arrived to help as well as hundreds of AIMarines, turning them all into Hulked-out versions of themselves. The Cathexis machine is basically the same machine that gave Leonard Samson and the Red Hulk their powers. The Leader reveals that all the Hulked-out-Heroes will soon die, because of an overload of radiation in their bodies. Bruce Banner and the other ‘smartest’ reconfigure the Cathexis machine to drain the radiation from the Hulked-out-Heroes, and so the machine that's draining the radiation doesn't malfunction or explode, Banner willingly absorbs the excess gamma radiation into his body. The machine starts absorbing energy very quickly and Banner’s body cannot keep up with the absorption, so Samson (attempting to show that he was always a hero), walks to the machine and begins to help Banner absorb the energy as well. This turns out to be a poor decision on Samson's part as his body can't contain the amount of energies that Banners can. All of this excess energy burns Samson to a crisp and his charred body falls to the floor of the Heli-carrier. The remaining heroes aboard the Heli-carrier warn Banner to stop, as the energies he is absorbing will rob him of his freedom from the Hulk, but Banner knows the repercussions and tells the others to get off the ship. Reed becomes worried about what the Hulk will do once he returns, only to have Amadeus Cho remind him, that this is what Banner has trained Skaar to do all along. The Heroes abscond from the Heli-carrier and as the machine explodes, and the Heli-carrier crashes into the ground. From the rubble and smoke steps a renewed Hulk, once again shaking and cracking the Eastern Seaboard with each step. This is the moment Skaar has been waiting for.

    Skaar and Hulk quickly begin their brawl, with Skaar trying to anger Hulk by mentioning Caiera. This incarnation of Hulk seems unaffected by this and brushes Skaar off as a mere annoyance... until Skaar reveals that Caiera lived on through the planet, until he fed it to Galactus. This enrages Hulk and the two begin to fight once again. Neither seems to really have the upper-hand, but at one moment when the Hulk is down, Red She-Hulk steps in, hits Skaar and tells Hulk to run away. Naturally, Hulk refuses and Skaar lands a massive blow against Red She-Hulk, sending her crashing into a parking structure containing bystanders. As Skaar wails on Hulk, memories of Bruce's childhood flash in his mind. Still being beaten on by Skaar, Hulk releases a sonic-clap, sending mounds of sand from the beach they are fighting on into and around the crumbling parking structure, saving the innocents inside.

    Skaar now sees that the monster Bruce had been training him to kill wasn't a monster at all. As he hits this realization, Hulk's emotions get the best of him and he lays Skaar to waste with a series of savage blows. Skaar reverts to his child form and tells Hulk that he's done; Hulk is not the monster he thought. Hulk too returns to his human form and is struck with the emotion of all that has just happened. Red tells him to go to Skaar, who is now quietly sobbing, and Bruce at first doubts that he can. As he reaches out in apology Skaar turns and firmly embraces him around the waist.

    Dark Son

    Dark Son
    Dark Son

    For further details: Dark Son

    After coming to a violent reconciliation with his father, Skaar allowed himself to remain in his smaller child-like form and settled down with a newly established Hulk Family consisting of himself, Hulk, She-Hulk, Lyra, A-Bomb, Korg and Betty Ross. The relative peace did not last long though. Through the Old Power, Skaar sensed the coming of a brother he did not remember he had. Hiro-Kala was heading to Earth and bringing the planet K'ai with him, intent on harming the Earth in his quest to destroy all sources of the Old Power.

    Able to sense the horrific things Hiro-Kala had done, Skaar believed his brother needed to die and thought the Hulk would be too weak to do it. They needed to prevent K'ai from colliding with Earth, and he had no faith that Hiro-Kala could ever be reasoned with. When the time came to unleash a devastating eruption to divert K'ai's course, Skaar found that he could not do it and kill all the innocent people Hiro-Kala had strategically placed in harm's way. He held the eruption back and kept the planet together with an incredible exertion of his Old Power, seemingly destroying himself in the process.

    Skaar reformed himself from K'ai's terrain and finally confronted Hiro directly, taking over for his father. Despite his earlier beliefs, he tried to reason with his brother, telling Hiro that he was a monster too but Banner was able to help him. Hiro was too far down his path of madness, though. Skaar used his superior mastery of the Old Power to seal his brother in stone, and the Worldmind of K'ai took Hiro's life to make up for the damage done to the planet.

    Chaos War

    In the Chaos War
    In the Chaos War

    For further details: Chaos War

    No rest came for the Hulks, Skaar included, as Amatsu-Mikaboshi began destroying reality as soon as the situation with Hiro-Kala was resolved. They were lured into aiding the enemy by Dr. Strange, who had been possessed by Zom, to locate Marlo Jones and the remnant of Death still within her.

    The boundary between life and death had been broken, and Skaar suddenly found himself fighting alongside another Oldstrong, Hiroim. However, his mother was not among the dead to return and fight with them against Zom and the deceased enemies of the Hulk. Among these enemies, Skaar fought perhaps one of the worst, the Hulk's own abusive father Brian Banner.

    After keeping Marlo out of the reach of the Chaos King's minions, Skaar and the other Hulks were called into action by Hercules to fight on the front lines. Mikaboshi was diverted into a pocket dimension, and Hercules rebuilt what had been destroyed.

    Savage Land

    Skaar, his father (Hulk), and the Warbound head to the Savage Land to aid Ka-Zar in helping the Sakaarian refugees that live there. Miek captures the Hulk and implants eggs of his species in his body. While Hulk is under Miek's control, Miek explains that he just wants his species to survive, and Skaar and the Warbound sympathize with him. Hulk defeats Miek, seemingly killing him, but Skaar saves Miek's babies. Hulk leaves, and Skaar stays in the Savage Land to take care and look after the remaining people of Sakaar.

    Dark Avengers

    Skaar as part of the Dark Avengers
    Skaar as part of the Dark Avengers

    Sought out by Norman Osborn, Skaar was asked to join his new Dark Avengers. After battling the New Avengers, it was soon revealed that Skaar was in fact a double agent planted by Captain America himself. Once defeating the Dark Avengers, Skaar then freed Captain America from his imprisonment. Once the Dark Avengers were defeated by the New Avengers, Skaar was then asked to join Luke Cage's team as an enforcer for the Dark Avengers who were assigned to replace the time-lost Thunderbolts.

    The Omega Hulk

    Skaar as Santos
    Skaar as Santos

    After adopting a new, intelligent persona known as Doc Green, the Hulk sets out to eliminate the other Gamma-powered heroes and villains across the globe by using a specialized cure. Doc Green eventually confronts Skaar, and after a brief fight, forcibly cures him of the Gamma in his body. This causes Skaar to revert to a humanoid form. Doc Green then gives Skaar a bag full of money and sends him to Paris, where the youth begins living out a new life under the alias "Santos."

    Without his Gamma powers, Skaar makes a living as a fur trader, hunting only what he needs to eat. While at a trading post in Southern France, he learns that his father has been killed by Hawkeye during the second superhuman civil war. Enraged and devastated, Skaar retreats deep into the forest, where he assumes his stone form. He is eventually found by the members of the Warbound, who come to mourn the Hulk with him. Korg tells a weeping Skaar that they intend honor his father by being there for him, and welcome him into their ranks.

    Powers and Abilities

    Superhuman Strength: Like the Hulk, Skaar's strength is based on his emotions. As the son of the man who claims to be 'the strongest there is', Skaar presumably possesses the capacity for vast levels of physical strength. Considering he wields the Old Power and Gamma blood (like the Hulk), Skaar has practically limitless strength. His strength can be further augmented if he taps into the Old Power. On one occasion, he absorbed 100 trillion tons of kinetic energy from a city to fight the Hulk and on a different occasion, he sent Juggernaut flying into space with ease. Skaar has been seen punching beings miles away, slaying the dragons of Sakaar, overturning tanks, and fighting Ben Grimm with ease. With the Old Power he is able to amplify his strength. Skaar's great strength extends into his legs as well, allowing him to leap great distances.

    Son of Hulk
    Son of Hulk

    Self-Sustenance: Skaar is capable of surviving in the vacuum of space unaided and does not need air, food, water, or sleep.

    Suspended Aging: For all intents and purposes Skaar does not age, this is because of his great healing factor that regenerates his cells and the gamma energy and Old Power that empowers him.

    Superhuman Stamina: During his time searching for Axeman Bone he has shown the ability to keep stamina up for great time.

    Superhuman Durability: Skaar has survived after having the full impact of the Power Cosmic aimed at him. He has also survived falling from outer space, becoming a comet and diving to a huge chunk of rock and seconds later, manages to stand up back to his feet and continues to battle. In addition to his Hulk-like strength, Skaar's body possesses a high degree of resistance to injury and pain, as well as a unique immunity to anything heat related. Skaar's skin is capable of withstanding extreme heat without blistering and great impact.

    Superhuman Endurance: Skaar was born in lava, mauled by monsters, and tortured by crazy priests as a child. His endurance is quite high, and being the son of the Hulk further increases his endurance.

    Superhuman Healing Factor: He can heal damaged or destroyed body parts in just seconds, his healing abilities rival Wolverine's or the Hulk's healing factor. His healing factor has been shown after being stabbed in the face by a huge pole arm and when half of his body was stabbed by Axeman.

    Hand-to-Hand Combat: Skaar is experienced in brawling beasts and soldiers. Even during his childhood, he battled many Barbarian Invaders that threatened to kill the innocent and has defeated an Imperial Prime like the Axeman himself.

    Weapons Master: Skaar has been shown wielding large Axes, Swords and Staffs. He is also a master at controlling the Old Power that he uses to his advantage and as his defense.

    Transformation: Skaar can transform into the human form of a twelve year old boy. Human Skaar said that Skaar kept his alter ego suppressed until Osborn's bomb. When human Skaar gets angry it triggers his transformation into his original form.

    Old Power: From his mother, Skaar inherited the ability to wield the Old Power, letting him channel the tectonic energies of a planet, granting him mastery over earth and stone. With the Old Power, he can break or mend the earth as he sees fit, turn his body to stone, and call up magma from the depths. He can also increase all his powers and abilities, by using the Old Power.

    Self-Resurrection: Like his mother, Skaar can use planet's power to revive himself if his entire body is fully destroyed. as this ability is based on planet's existence. It can not be used since that planet is destroyed. The old power can resurrect Skaar from rocks.

    Weaknesses: Skaar was shown to be almost killed by the Murasama blade due to its nature of negating superhuman healing factors.



    • Height: 7'6"
    • Weight: 900 Ibs
    • Eyes: Green
    • Hair: Black
    • Strength: Over 100 tons

    Human Form:

    • Height: 4'5''
    • Weight: 50 Ibs
    • Eyes: Green
    • Hair: Black

    Alternate Versions

    First appearance of Skaar
    First appearance of Skaar

    In What If? Planet Hulk, Skaar debuts hidden in the shadows as a young adult. This reality saw the Hulk die on Sakaar while Caeira the Oldstrong lived. She came to Earth on a quest of vengeance, killing or enslaving Earth's mightiest heroes. Skaar was born on an Earth ruled by his mother. The enslaved heroes were forced to construct an enormous statue honoring the Hulk, which became complete 21 years after Caeira first arrived. Skaar escorted his mother to the complete statue, and she turned herself to stone in the statue's giant palm to be with her husband forever.

    Skaar presumably inherited the Earth.

    Other Media


    Skaar in the cartoon
    Skaar in the cartoon
    • Skaar appears as one of the main characters in Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H., voiced by Benjamin Diskin. In this version, he is first introduced as a brainwashed soldier of Annihilus before being freed. He has amnesia, remembering nothing of his past, having been kidnapped by the Leader and given to Annihilus before being used as a double agent until he turned on the leader and fully joined the Agents. In a departure from the comics, Skaar does not appear to be related to Bruce Banner in this version.

    Video Games

    Lego Skaar
    Lego Skaar
    • Skaar appears as a playable character in Lego Marvel's Avengers.
    • Skaar appears as a playable character in Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2.


    Marvel Universe and Marvel Legends
    Marvel Universe and Marvel Legends
    • Skaar was featured in Hasbro's Marvel Legends line as part of the Fin Fang Foom Build-a-Figure wave.
    • Skaar appeared in Hasbro's toy line for the Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H. cartoon.
    • Skaar was featured in the HeroClix figure game.
    • Sideshow Collectibles produced a Skaar statue.
    • Skaar was featured in Diamond Select's Minimates line as part of a two-pack with Red Hulk.
    • Skaar was featured in Hasbro's Marvel Mashers line.
    • Skaar was featured in Hasbro's Marvel Universe line.

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