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Like Father like Son

When I read the first issue, I felt as if this soon-to-be-hulk was sorta hiding his power a bit. On the second issue, it seemed as if he was just warmin' up. Now, time for the third one! There is no doubt, that in the 3rd issue, the so called soon-to-be-hulk has just started revealing what he's really made of. At first, I was afraid that Princess Omaka would never stop trash talking the Skaar, and that the poor big guy would never reek his savageness among the puny pinkies. However, I was so glad to see him ripping off one of Omaka's friggin' claws. Ah yes, the wildebots. Basically, right before he dealt with them, he got a little cocky like his daddy in Planet Hulk. I was impressed by his first words, "&#$% your prophet." As for the wildebots, I can only say that I would not want to be one of them. Towards the end, you basically get to learn the whole story of Axeman Bone. What's the story you ask? That's for me to know, and for you to find out!

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