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Main reason I bought this issue.  I was fearful that the interior art would look nothing like the cover, and while it doesn't, it's not a bad thing.  Really dig the way that Michael Komarck drew this piece.  

The Good:

I wasn't even aware this was coming out, but it only makes sense after his separation from his father in Incredible Hulks, and I couldn't be more pleased.  Regardless of what many may think, I feel that Skaar can make an interesting character with the right writers and he's off to a very good start here.  The art was pretty solid, not exaggerative like some Hulk artists can get, but everything seemed proportionate for the most part.  The bits with Shanna and the very last panel will definitely keep me coming back.

The Bad: 

As mentioned by other reviewers, the portions with Ka-Zar were pretty dull, which really throws off the pacing of this issue.  You get this roller coaster effect, with the highs and lows, and sometimes that doesn't really affect the storyline nor the issue as a whole, but here it has a pretty significant effect and it really alters the way the story flows, greatly weakening its impact.  It is necessary, of course, but I just feel that it could've been handled better.


While not all issues have to be action pack nor story driven, a good balance is often a good thing.  Unfortunately, for this issue that balance really screwed up the pacing of what would've been a great issue.  However, the seeds planted here are interesting enough that I will probably stick through with the entire series unless atrocious story elements really screw up the plot.  I'm a completist, however, so even that might not stop me.  Decent issue, overall.


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