Sjors en Sjimmie » 45 issues

    Volume » Published by Oberon BV. Started in 1977.

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    Issue 1-19 first published by Oberon BV.

    Issue 20-45 published by Big Balloon.


    When the magazines 'Sjors' and 'Pep' merge into one magazine the 'Eppo' is born. 'Sjors en Sjimmie' were already a big part of 'Sjors' magazine and were pulled into the new era by modernizing them.

    Robert van der Kroft made the first issue with Patty Klein but Patty was replaced by Wilbert Plijnaar and Jan van Die. The trio manifests itself with the acronym 'De Wiroja's'. The characters Sjors and Sjimmie were so popular the output of stories were more than he could handle himself. So several studios were brought in to help with the artistic side.

    In later issues Sjors en Sjimmie become teenagers to attract teenage readers. They play videogames, soccer and try to pick up girls. They meet a lot of famous people and although they're called slightly different in the magazine their names are still recognisable, Michael Jackson becomes Michael Claxon and Madonna becomes Madomma.

    Because of the success of these two comic heroes the magazine 'Eppo' get's an overhaul and is renamed 'Sjors en Sjimmie'. Unfortunately the magazine ends it's run in 1999 when the publisher pulls the plug after declining sales. The stories and gags collected in these issues are the best stories from the Sjors en Sjimmie magazine.


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