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    A team formed by Cable which was originally called the Wild Pack, but a conflict with Silver Sable forced Cable to change the name of his team to the Six Pack.

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    Cable's mercenary group was formed as a way to earn Cable some money while he tried to accomplish his goals in fighting Stryfe, finding his son, and finding and raising the mutant he thought would save his future from the ravages of Apocalypse.


    Rob Liefeld was the brain behind this team, with Fabian Nicieza providing the dialogue. While the team's existence had been hinted at at least a year prior, it wasn't until 1991 that the team was first depicted. In a bold artistic move, Mike Mignola was the first to pencil the team, not Liefeld.

    Team Evolution

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    Cable's team first went by the name Wild Pack. After a few adventures, the team was told by Silver Sable that the name was already taken. A replacement name was easy to come by: the team changed to Six Pack to reflect one of their favorite downtime items - beer.

    The early incarnations of the Six Pack all dealt with mercenary activities. The team went through a few line up changes. It was then reformed as a battalion to fight against Cable once he'd established Providence. Later, Deadpool lead a team called Six Pack on terrorism jobs to muddy Cable's name. Most recently, the Six Pack persona has been joked about being attached to a team of four with only two members ever being from the original team - G.W. Bridge and Domino, joined by the Lady de la Fontaine and Silver Sable.



    The Wild Pack (consisting of the original team of Cable, Domino, Garrison Kane, G.W. Bridge, Grizzly, and Hammer) begins work for Tolliver in Tehran, Iran. The group is supposed to make it look like they are U.S. troops staging a rescue mission of some hostages. Instead, they are there for a simple bit of corporate payback. Hammer sets the charges in the Dakhbar Building and the team escapes the country in a hidden helicopter. They all agree that if Tolliver is going to keep coming up with these piece of cake missions then they'll just keep accepting them. They do continue to do sundry jobs for the willing employer.

    Work Outside Tolliver

    G.W., Grizzly, and Cable
    G.W., Grizzly, and Cable

    It's rumored that the Six Pack is responsible for 15 deaths in Kaluha Lampur.

    Another time, the Wild Pack is hired out to do a recovery mission at a HYDRA base in New Mexico. AIM hires the Wild Pack to retrieve a stolen fiber ionic fibrillator. HYDRA plans to use the device to pioneer the next generation of hydrogen bombs. After breezing through the Hydra guards, the Wild Pack enters the research facility to find it empty. Cable is uneasy, but Hammer begins to extract the fibrillator anyway. He triggers a message from Baron von Strucker that informs the team that they have twenty seconds to evacuate before they die. Cable bodyslides the team out and they rendezvous with AIM. AIM tells them, however, that the fibrillator is purposefully a dud. They simply wanted to see how far HYDRA had gotten in their research. The fact that they blew up their own lab showed AIM that HYDRA had not gotten far at all. Cable's group gets paid handsomely (which helps take away the sting of having been used so badly) and they disband. It seems normal for Cable to disappear for a time and then reassemble the team for a new job.

    Work Stops Because of Tolliver

    The Wild Pack gets called to Tolliver's for what would end up being their last mission. Before heading out, however, they are told that their name won't work anymore. Someone else already has claim to it. Kane, in search of beer, also finds the team's new name: the Six Pack.

    In the Khyber Pass in Afghanistan, the Six Pack is simply supposed to be checking up on an opium route. What they find is some serious hardware that is either protecting the area or trying to find something. The team dispatches of these obstacles and Domino does a little snooping. She finds a hidden installation nearby and the team heads in to find out what is being hidden. Going underground, the team sees technology that shouldn't exist in Afghanistan. Cable presses the team on despite their reservations about going beyond what they were contracted to do. They run right into Stryfe. Cable tries to kill him but Zero teleports Stryfe away. Wild Pack bodyslides out with the realization that they've broken contract and that they now have targets on their backs.

    Hunting Stryfe
    Hunting Stryfe

    Tolliver has other mercenary groups hunt down the Six Pack, but Cable isn't concerned about Tolliver anymore - he simply wants Stryfe. The Six Pack reluctantly follows Cable to Uruguay where they find another installment of Stryfe's operations. They infiltrate the base and download a disk-full of information about Stryfe. As Hammer and Domino set the charges, Stryfe appears and takes Kane hostage. He offers Kane's life for the diskette that Cable had boosted. Hammer is all in and begins to walk forward to make the exchange. Cable warns Hammer to stop. Hammer refuses. Cable then shoots Hammer in the back, but Stryfe ends up with the disk anyway. Cable tries to blow Stryfe up, but Zero teleports him away. With the building coming down and Cable's mission coming to an early close, Cable teleports away by himself. The rest of the Six Pack has to find shelter as their explosives detonate. Kane and Hammer, unfortunately, are unable to find shelter, as each is too injured to move.

    Effects of Cable's Desertion

    The team finally disbands. Grizzly and Bridge later join Weapon: PRIME. Domino is taken captive by Tolliver as a bit of revenge on Cable. Kane becomes the next Weapon X and gets mechanical implants for his arms. He also joins Weapon: PRIME. Hammer lives life as a paralyzed man (until much later when he constructs a suit that allows him to get back into action). Each holds a form of grudge against Cable for leaving them.


    Cable's "Dying" Request

    Domino, having been charged with finding Cable's X-Force team before he "died" during the X-Cutioner's Song, finds Grizzly in Australia and enlists him helping her find X-Force. Grizzly has never been able to tell Domino "no" and the two set out to convince Hammer to join their efforts, knowing that his computer skills will be necessary to hack into a government facility. Hammer reluctantly agrees, but only because he may finally get revenge on Cable. The three infiltrate a Canadian government facility and find information on Copycat, the mutant that impersonated Domino for over a year with Cable's X-Force. They find her and coerce her into helping them find X-Force. They visit the Adirondack Mountains, which leads them to Camp Verde, the current X-Force base.

    Cable's Return

    After the events of the X-Cutioner's Song, Cable returned to the future to meet back up with Kane. (The two had shared an adventure some time before that entailed Stryfe really messing up Kane's body resulting in Cable depositing Kane in the future to get better and to find technology to heal Hammer.) The two travel back to the present and eventually find their way into Cable's home in Switzerland. Waiting for them, however, is G.W. Bridge. After a quick scuffle, the three head to Camp Verde to find X-Force. There they find Domino's group. Hammer is quick to attack and threatens to paralyze Cable. Kane steps in and offers the future technology to enable Hammer to walk again. Hammer refuses the upgrades because he doesn't want to become like Cable. The team decides to get back together, excluding Cable. G.W. offers him a position, but Cable can't guarantee that he won't use the team for his own purposes again. The team leaves him in Camp Verde while they fly off in Hammer's Winnebago in pursuit of a freshly escaped Copycat.

    Hired by SHIELD

    The first and only mission of this restored Six Pack comes by way of SHIELD wanting a prototype stolen from a federal lab. Six Pack is too late, however, as they learn that Nomad has already heisted the mark for the prototype's inventor. Six Pack tracks Nomad and "encourage" him to join their cause. Nomad is able to retrieve the prototype but destroys it when he sees no moral solution to three different sides wanting it for various reasons.

    The New Group

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    G.W. Bridge later formed a new Six Pack consisting of veterans Hammer and Domino, along with Constrictor, Anaconda, and Solo. They were hired by SHIELD to battle Cable after he created Providence. However, Domino, Anaconda, Solo, and Constrictor turned on the group and aided Cable against the X-Men. After Cable's defeat at the hands of Silver Surfer, the Six Pack found Cable's body and became trapped in his mindscape. Unfortunately for them, their only survival depended on Deadpool and the Fixer, who promptly saved them before they died.

    The Six Pack returned once again, this time with Deadpool replacing Constrictor. They performed acts of terrorism in Rumekistan to tarnish Cable's reputation, but were later defeated by Cable and sent back to America.

    S.H.I.E.L.D. Six Pack

    G.W. Bridge reformed the Six Pack not long afterwards to apprehend the Punisher. Ironically, the team did not have six members at all - only having four!

    Other Versions

    Ultimate Six Pack

    The Ultimate version of the Six Pack consisted of Bishop, Cable, Domino, Garrison Kane, Grizzly, and Hammer. Originally from the close future, they came back to the past to eliminate Xavier.


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